FEATURE: The Barktorialist Charms


Saw these dog tag charms pop into my inbox and I just had to share; these are seriously to die for. I mean common “I will… love thy postman” this is just too much, how could I let this pass me by without sharing? I know a lot of you that stop by and read often love your pets ALMOST as much as your children, whether you willingly admit it or not. Either way these charms are the perfect gift for around their necks; wouldn’t you agree?

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I love so much about this company, other than their slick idea behind chic charms for your four legged fur babes; you have to check out there site. Go to shop and to see all the pet fun they encourage, from sending in a picture and mini interview with your dogs to be featured on their site, to standing side by side with your furry friend proving the statistic that you do in fact look alike. So much fun on the Barktorialist site; I swear you gotta check it out!

Love Fashion. Love Dogs.

The Barktorialist aims to be the premier destination for the world’s most stylish pets and their owners. We produce engaging, compelling pet/pet parent lifestyle content targeted at consumers who purchase premium goods/services for their pets, and/or have “aspirational” taste. Bark provides a unique curated shopping experience featuring innovative pet product suppliers.

These gold and silver charms are infused with love as they offer the wearer a chance to modify a behavior that needs attention. Meant to be fun and a little tongue and cheek- these charms highlight the things we do as pets and people that need some re-calibration. The Barktorialist charms hang perfectly on a necklace with multiple charms or wear alone. The charms clip easily onto dog’s collars and are a great reminder to: Not Be So Aggressive, Not Eat Trash, Not Hump Indiscriminately, Love Thy Postman and so on.

barktorialist logo PicMonkey Collage TBCImage BARK_April_NoText40
I would have to say my two favorites are “I will… love thy postman” and “I will… calm the f*** down“, sorta think that I have a few friends these would be perfect for. I mean I know they are meant for our furry friends, but they are sterling silver and gold plated, they would look darling added to an everyday chain. no? And at $40 a charm I think they are the perfect gift for any furry or human friend that has these issues and tendencies.

Interested in buying, because of course I’ve got a promo-code for you. It’s what I do, bringing you the straight goods at a great deal. Pop on over to The Barktorialist, see all the other amazing charms and accessories they have {including this gorgeous double wrapped leather ID bracelet that I’ve fallen hard for}, use the code BARK100 at checkout and get $20 off your purchase.

PS: if you send any photo’s into The Barktorialist that get featured, please oh please reach out to me in anyway you can and let me know, I just must see.

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