FEATURE: Dressed To Deliver +Giveaway


Packing a hospital bag technically is easy. TECHNICALLY. You could easily just throw some overnight necessities for you, baby and baby daddy in a bag and call it a day. However planning and packing the perfect hospital bag can take some time, thought and worthy efforts. I won’t tap too much into this now as I plan to later this week with a Hospital Bag Must-Have’s list… however today I can’t help but wanna share the brilliance of a company that helps you deliver a baby in style. 

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Dressed to Deliver is a company that makes d-day as comfortable and beautiful as possible. I wished I knew of Dressed to Deliver 5 years ago when I tore apart a perfectly good jumper of mine to stitch together and make a comfy delivery dress. I knew I didn’t want to deliver a baby in the blue paper-like exposing hospital gowns they provide and therefore I took things into my own hands and did what I could. This time will be different, this time I have a proper delivery gown from Dressed to Deliver

D2D_logo_FINAL_B pngAt Dressed to Deliver, we strongly believe every woman deserves to feel comfortable, confident, concealed and beautiful – before, during and after one of the most important days of her life!  Every woman should choose to wear what makes them feel like the strong, competent, confident and beautiful mom that they are.

Getting pregnant wasn’t easy for us and I had a lot of appointments where I became VERY familiar with the deficiencies of the traditional hospital gown! Having had to wear one for months, during daily tests and ultrasounds, I quickly realized how uncomfortable, immodest and unfashionable the ugly blue hospital gown really was! I was ALWAYS focused on trying to conceal myself as best as possible as I scurried from the change room to the examination table and it was a VERY uncomfortable experience!


As the premiere product that inspired Dressed to Deliver, every last detail of The 3-in-1 Birthing Gown is made with expectant mothers and the birthing experience in mind. It has all the features of a hospital gown with discreet access for fetal monitoring, IVs & epidural administration, as well as C-section incision inspections & healing access.  Dressed to Deliver 3-in-1 Birthing Gowns are ALSO cleverly designed so that they can also be worn as a maternity & postpartum/nursing dress with easy access for skin-to-skin contact & breastfeeding.

Our hope is that our 3-in-1 birthing gowns provide you with the comfort and confidence to enhance your experience of labour.


During and after the delivery of Sofia back in 2011, all I ever really wanted were 2 things; to feel comfort and a sense of normalcy. I craved items that made me comfortable and gave me a sense complacency in my new role as a mother, my new normal. Finding this in clothing, music, and food was exactly how I handled it, however I did wish I had a few more things to really give the best overall experience. I was lucky that I thought about what I was wearing in the delivery room and the days following while in the Hospital. Thanks to Julie and Dressed to Deliver now you don’t have to go to the great lengths I did my first time around, you can get your own delivery gown and feel comfortable and beautiful on the biggest, most life changing days of your lives. 

…my Wedding Day was the biggest day of my life, up until the day I gave birth to Sofia Marie. I’m glad I put as much thought into what I was wearing during my delivery as I did walking down the aisle. 

Fullscreen capture 2016-08-22 33023 PMNothing (and I mean nothing!) makes me more excited than hosting a GIVEAWAY on the site, and since we’re on a roll this month (here and here), why stop now?! With so many fun ones we’ve had and that are currently running this month with the celebration and excitement of our newest arrival in September, Dressed to Deliver has decided to jump on board and spoil our readers some more. Yippee! Julie has so graciously offered to give away one of her 4-in-1 Babe Covers which works as an infinity scarf, nursing cover, car seat and shopping cart cover. GENIUS right?! So without further ado, enter now for your chance at winning one for you and your babe!

Good Luck Lovelies…



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IF YOU ARE looking at treating yourself to one of their brilliant Delivery Gown or even a 4-in-1 Babe Cover be sure to use Coupon LMMBP to receive FREE BREAST PADS with your purchase!


Disclosure:: This post and giveaway is sponsored by Dressed to Deliver. As always, the the opinions are my own and I truly love what Julie and her company are doing for soon-to-be-mamas. I will no doubt be wearing my own Dressed to Deliver gown on my own d-day and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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