DIY: Project Playhouse (wood delivery & paint choices)


The truck pulled up, the driver confirmed our delivery and the crane made it real!

The delivery of our newest project has happened, last week Sunbury Cedar dropped off bundles of delicious smelling pre-cut cedar for our new 6×8′ elevated Playhouse. Poor guy has only had a few weekends off between his last project (our patio overhaul) and now he’s back to late nights working in the garage and weekends that are the furthest thing from relaxing. As much as he loves the idea of putting his feet up, I swear he can’t, physically do it. The moment this guy has free time he is thinking up new projects and filling in any down-time (we all love this character trait of his). 

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20160715_171218-01Sammy and I took this past week to finally make a game call on the playhouse color scheme. Remember when I reached out to you all a few weeks back on Facebook to see what your thoughts had been on 2 color schemes we were throwing around? Well, we finally bite the bullet and chose one. We headed out to Cloverdale Paint and purchased a sealer along with 3 paint colors needed to make these purple-door playhouse dreams come true (DIY’er Tip: BCAA is accepted at Cloverdale Paint and gave a savings of $59.54 in total). We went home feeling like we had made big progress, pretty much like it was done. Yeah! That bubble was quick to pop! Now comes the painting part, where sadly I can be of zero help (Hello! 7-months pregnant).

Sammy will tackle this bit-by-bit after work and into the weekends, working his little heart out trying to make a crazy unrealistic deadline that I have been dropping hints on. Hey! I need to live up to my name of super crazy wife somehow right? We have a house full of kids thanks to a special someone turning 5 this year, having this complete by then just sounds like the logical thing to do, right? Right!

Best be off… someone’s gotta crack the whip and continue wearing the golden crown of nagging wife (in the words of Chandler Bing *whoop-ah*).  

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Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Sunbury Cedar and we received perks for sharing our experience. After researching high and low for the best playhouses with longevity, we made the choice in going with Sunbury Cedar ourselves. All opinions are our own and we stand by what we say. 

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