{nearly} Wordless Wednesday

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Each year we put up the Christmas lights as a family. Normally speaking Sofia and I don’t last the entire while, but we give it our best until our desire for warm hands and hot chocolate filled bellies take over. I’m excited to say we lasted the entire while alongside Sammy, to his shock I think we were an actual help versus hindrance like in the past; wouldn’t you say Sammy (I know you’re reading this).

The entire time we’re putting the lights up Sofia is asking when it’s time she can climb the ladder. It’s one of those things as a kid that just feels exhilarating, climbing something tall all on your own, and then of course leaping from the very top into dad’s arms. The fear of heights that Sammy isn’t a gene that he has passed down, that’s for sure. 


WHEN DO YOU put up your Christmas Lights for the year, and when do you get around to taking them down?

DIY: Home Is Where The WIFI Is {free printable}


If it wasn't so damn cold, it would make most sense to just leave our front door open over the holidays. With how many friends and family stopping by to how many time we're rushing out the door to go to the next fun Christmas event, it would just make logical sense to leave the thing open.  With all these lovely people filling our home over the holidays it's no better time than now to get this little project done and up once and for all. You see, I meant to do it last year when the second most asked questions, besides "do you have Egg Nog?" was "...can I log into your wifi?". I have no problem handing out our wifi password to those who will be staying with us for … read more...

BEST OF NETFLIX; for the bath


The bubbles, they don't judge. The bar of soap, it doesn't care. The razor, it could really care less. You know those shows you can't stop watching but would never want someone knowing you actually pulled an all-nighter watching again. The shows you've memorized your favorite lines on and actually use them in your head on a daily basis, How you doin'? Yeah! Those ones. Those are what I call "The Best of Netflix Bubble Bath Edition" and today I let mine out of the bag. I'm going out on the limb here and sharing my guilty pleasures, in hopes that you won't judge my choice of re-re-re-re-runs. Really I'm a good person!   Friends Premiered 1994 with a total … read more...

DIY: Home Window Privacy


Everyone in my family enjoys to be the center of attention, I’m not denying that for even a moment, but when it comes to using the bathroom it’s something we prefer to do on the down low. This is why we’ve gone and tackled the project on our to-do list that keeps our family from literally bearing it all; our basement bathroom window needs some privacy. You see, in designing our new basement we had made some adjustments to where rooms sat because it worked better with our families needs (see the renovation process here, here, here and here). We built a bigger bathroom, put in a bedroom and media room, a small den, and situated things so that we had more of a designated area for … read more...

FEATURE: Boots by SOREL. Family by me.


HIS: Old Navy Shirt & Jeans // Gap Toque & Scarf (similar) // Boots c/o SOREL HERS: Old Navy Shirt, Vest (similar), Jeans & Necklace // Boots c/o SOREL THE LITTLE: Joe Fresh Sweater & Skirt // Over the Loom Socks // Boots c/o SOREL It used to be that we'd have to compromise on our fashion in the poor weather; you know what I mean, the cumbersome basic black boot that could easily be shared between male and female family members without any question. Yeah those! We all had them, because what else was there? We're excited (and relieved) to share that we've partnered with SOREL this winter to show you just how … read more...

Motherhood; finally realizing I was doing it right


This little shriveled-up baby head of broccoli proves I'm doing motherhood right! No my daughter isn't eating steamed broccoli at dinner, nor has she any plans until she's 24-teen apparently, she's not agreeing to me putting it in her morning smoothie, and she's not even going to give it a try while it sits in a bath of cheese broth. Nope, she's doing none of the above. What she is doing is caring for it as if it were homeless.  Saturday ended with us doing a family grocery shop to get us by the rest of the weekend and while we did gather what we needed from the produce aisle, we did not leave with a head of broccoli. We never do, because we know it won't get eaten, … read more...

TEA: Honeycrisp Apple {DAVIDsTEA}


FACT; I drink black tea 97.82% of the time, and as the statistic shows, I don't venture out into the world of White, Green, Oolong, Pu'erh, Mate, Rooibos, or Herbal teas all that often. Don't get me wrong it's not that I dislike other teas, I just depend a lot on it and can't justify switching it up and getting a bad cup in the midst of a wild day that requires me to steam ahead. You know what I mean? *** Hey! I got a secret for you; did you know that I used to write a blog before Little Miss Mama that had NOTHING to do with my life and everything to do with tea? Delicious right? Those where the days that I was jacked up on caffeine more than the Kardashians were there egos (who … read more...

DIY Cardboard Box Laundry Set


My bestfriend, Sofia's Auntie Lindsay knows we love crafts, so when she walked through the front door with not one but two life-size boxes Sofia and I both found ourselves running in circles of excitement. Her for the glue gun and me for supplies and my laptop; Hello Pinterest! We looked at millions of creative and fun options, from castles, to tunnels, to a car, plane and boat, but it's actually funny how Sofia was head strong on making a Wash Machine as soon as she saw the inspiration in Pinterest. It does make sense though, her most favorite thing to do is play dolls, and with 4 babies always on the go the laundry and diaper do pile up as you can imagine. So her logic on what … read more...