APPLE ENVY: The best apple desserts


I think it’s fairly obvious that fall has arrived, no? For those out there who are running after the sun, unpack those bags destin for Bora Bora, throw your little sun-kissed arms in the air, and surrender yourselves, and that also means those itty bitty shorts you’ve been sporting. Embrace the cold nights, the cozy knits, fringe boots, and all the delicious APPLES.

This right here, this is my ultimate apple dessert throwdown; you’re welcome! BUT WAIT, please take note I’ve yet to try any of these ridiculously amazing looking desserts, not because I don’t want to, come’on people I’m not blind, but because decision making is not my thing, I’m mean in all honestly, how do you choose a starting point? I need to get started on this list, this I know, but for now my eyes are delivering these drool-worthy favorite to you. Now excuse me while I go eat enough apple desserts to put me in a fall coma!

Caramel Apple Blondie Cheesecake via life, love, and sugar
Apple Rings via diet hood
Caramel Apple Cupcakes via the girl who ate everything
Salted Caramel Apple Pie Pizza Cookie via handle the heat
The Best Apple Crisp via mama miss
Salted Caramel Apple Dip via lemon tree dwelling

FIVE THINGS {you need to see this week}


The five things you need to see this week: 1. an amazing article written on the truth behind parenting struggles; we all go through it, and i for one needed it at a time like now. where we enter into the school system and it's only a matter of time i start second guessing myself  {see article here} 2. this song is a current favorite, and now so is this video {see video here} 3. i don't care if you are a crazy dog lover or not, this is an instagram account you could easily get addicted to {see it here} 4. jimmy fallon is at it again with another one of his lip sync battles, but this time with the dynamic duo from this seasons the voice; gwen stefani and blake shelton. … read more...

FASHION: Suzy Shier 4hr Sale


//when a sale like this HITS, I can't help but share! You all know I am no stranger to Suzy Shier {believe it}, but the news today comes with a time limit. Suzy Shier is having a sale, a crazy sale, today only between 5 and 9pm you'll get 40% off everything in-store and online, excluding absolutely NOTHING! But wait! It gets betters, if you're a prestige card holder you'll get an additional 10% off that, for a total of 50% off, and shopping hours for you is all day long. SHOP MY FAVORITES top row 1  2  3 // middle row 1  2  3 // bottom row 1  2  3 Today I share with you nine items I am coveting from the site; honestly it's best I stay out of store as this number I am sure … read more...

FAMILY: Sofia’s Birthday Cake Surprise


...discovered on facebook, booked via e-mail, picked up in person, fell in love in an instant. Sinful & Delicious Cupcakes is officially our family bakers; this mother and daughter duo have impressed us to the point where we will forever have them booked for our cake needs. Birthdays, Holidays, and really any excuse for a cake, will be booked through these two amazing woman; I think it's pretty obvious that they know what they are doing even if they are self taught! Little about Sinful & Delicious Cupcakes: We are a mother daughter team who are 100% self taught. Before a couple years ago we had never worked with fondant before! My mom, Sarah is the baker and I, … read more...

FASHION: What I Wore {The Sparkle Project}


TOP eluxe SKIRT beautulleful GLASSES forever 21 NECKLACE max & chloe BRACELETS h&m SHOES sam edelman {another favorite} This outfit, these photos, they are all me. Obviously you knew that at first glance, but what I really mean is they capture me, who I really am, the best out of any photos taken. I'm honest, caring, sensitive, and loving {I've cried over spilt milk, literally}; I live a life how I imagine it should be, wear what I feel beautiful in, and try my hardest to see the comedy show in everything. I love to laugh, to make other laugh, and naturally keep my mouth wide open while I do it {they apparently make for the best photos}. For I am real; a woman that … read more...

FAMILY: Sofia turns 3


//she wakes, bright and early, with the sniffles {it's a cruel cruel world}. Naturally this doesn't affect her mind, she is fully aware of what day it is and can't help but smile, and giggle, and JUMP! //arrive at the applebarn, which is where she requested for her family day out. she gave it all she had, ill feeling and all, she was a trooper. jumping on the huge in ground balloon bag, played in the tree houses and slid down the slides, pat the bunnies, the goats, the ducks. We ended our trip with a hayride and picking of apples, she had had enough this little one, time to go home and take a nap.  //after she woke from her much needed nap, we played with all her … read more...

Selling sex{appeal} to minors


{photo source: google // instagram} ...since having a child, my views, my thoughts, and my concerns, have changed drastically regarding advertising. There is one for Ariana Grande, and I will go ahead and admit I have no idea who she is or what she does. Based on the billboard, she sells lingerie. Or stiletto heels,” Bialik remarked. “Why is she in her underwear on this billboard though? And if she has a talent (is she a singer?), then why does she have to sell herself in lingerie? I mean, I know that society is patriarchal and women are expected to be sexy and sexually available no matter what we do in society, but I guess now I need to explain that to my sons? Am I a … read more...

FASHION: Outerwear by 6KS


I feel like I just hit the jackpot, playing the outerwear lottery, and won big! Look at these 5 coats, I wan't them all, and honestly I could easily have them all at this price {$209 for all 5 for those doing the math - you're welcome}. But seriously, virtually run, don't walk over to 6KS now because they have some amazing pieces for ridiculous prices. We're not just talking coats, but tops, dresses, and sweaters, 6KS has changed my life all in a matter of minutes. Drastic right? Hello! Young & the Restless called and they are asking for their drama back! What are you still doing here? Go! Now! OH WAIT! Don't forget to use code sas15 to get 15% off your outerwear purchases. … read more...