PREGNANCY: Shoes For Comfort & Style


Swearing under your breath every step you take because of a uncomfortable shoe choice is totally okay when it’s your first pregnancy, but when you have playschool ears around you most of your days, it’s probably best you don’t leave your comfort (and childs vocabulary) up to fate. 

Today, for you, and for the sake of your children, I’m sharing my top 5 shoes that are not only crazy comfortable but ridiculously stylish. If I could live in Natives I probably would, and if you’ve bumped into me grocery shopping or even at the park you would think I actually do, but as much as comfort is my game these day, style comes in a close second and not all outfits go with rubber shoes.

1/ New Balance 580 Runner   2/ Keds Triple Decker    3/ Converse All Star Classic    4/ Native Jeffersons    5/ Dansko Thea

What are some of your favorite shoes to wear during your pregnancy? A girl can never have too many shoes unless of course you ask Sammy then he believes in this silly idea that once you get a new pair you must get rid of an old pair. I’m certain he’s not the only one who tries to pull this shit on their wife, nor the last, and yes, my mother could’ve used a pair of Natives when she was pregnant (in real life I’m just like you read here, full of fun grammatical errors, lots of slang and some words that should be beeped out)!


FAMILY: Destination Kidtropolis


I honestly can't even begin to tell you just how amazing this place is, Kidtropolis, and this is why I knew I would have to take a ton of pictures to get the point across. Not only a kids dream but any parent who encourages imagination play and those parents who want to keep their kids little for as long as possible.  Ever since hearing about Kidtropolis hitting Richmond I knew it would a) be a place we would frequent and b) a reason I would nail down the perfect times to drive while dealing with rush-hour. This place is packed with hours and hours and hours of fun imaginative play for kids any age really; my goodness even myself and friend, Jen got in on the … read more...

BEST OF NETFLIX; Unexpected Night Off


You know when you unexpectedly get a night off, you child skips off to your parents place for a sleep over leaving you and your husband with a childless day and night? No? Me neither... until a few weekends ago. We very rarely ship Sofia off to her Nana and Papa's house not because she doesn't want to or that they don't want it (both parties love it) but because we just really enjoy spending the time with Sofia as a family of 3. Our weekends are the only real time that we get to spend together as Sammy works shift work, we utilize our weekends the best way we can with fun planned outings and time together with friends big and small. We should … read more...



We all know how good I am at keeping it short, if you've ever sat down to one of my stories you'll know. Let's just say that we will keep things "shorter" than usual with today's Wordless Wednesday. A few weeks back, Sofia and I had the opportunity to attend (and dine) at The Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. during one of their Mom & Tot DIY Herbal Salves classes with EarthBites. We learnt a lot, I mean a TON, thank goodness for the teacher, Aboriginal Herbalist Lori Snyder who took the time to write everything out for us to take home in note form. We walked out of there not only having had a great deal of fun (and a delicious lunch) but more aware of how simple it actually … read more...

TRAVEL: Great Wolf Lodge, Here We Come!


We've been planning this trip to Great Wolf Lodge in our minds, Sammy and I (hello kids at heart), for let's just say too many years. It's been one of those vacations that we knew we had to wait until Sofia was a little bit older to fully enjoy, but we've been dreaming about for quite sometime. We finally put the brakes on our dreams and made it a reality, leaving in just a few short weeks.  a deal we could not refuse is what had us planning our first family vacation to Great Wolf Lodge. They were running a promotion on their website for $99US a night for dates running through April, May and into the beginning of June.  I believe prices normally start at about $200 a … read more...

DIY: Bee Feeder {#bringbackthebees}


The bees gotta drink too yah know!   With so much talk around saving our bees I thought I would touch a little bit onto why it's so important we ALL pay attention to this news flash. It's nothing like Kylie Jenners lipstick having a faulty brush kinda' news, it's like Donald Trump is the new President of the United States kinda' news, shocking, scary and sad. Listen up you guys, these little bees do a lot for us, more than just give us honey and make Honey Nut Cheerios extra delicious; here is why it's so important that we help them out in anyway we can!  DID YOU KNOW One in three bites of food we take, we have the bees (and other pollinators) to thank … read more...

FEATURE: Best Swimsuits Online {hands down}


That time that I ordered 4 bathing suits online wondering if I would get lucky to at least keep 1 Sometimes ordering things online can feel riskier than playing the lotto with your child's savings account. Honestly though, I doubt a great deal of us would put all our trust in buying lingerie or bathing suits online. Am I right? The quality, the fit and the comfort is just so important on these kinds of purchases that we're most comfortable going into a store and trying things on before handing over the dough. But with how things are going, online shopping gives us the best bang for our buck in both selection and price and this is why I took a huge leaf of faith in ordering 4 … read more...

FASHION: Basic Betty {maternity style}

04-26 (4)

Maternity Midi T-Shirt Dress by Old Navy North Chicago Flats by Aldo Shoes Tom Ford Anoushka Sunglasses c/o SmartBuy Glasses  Custom Necklace c/o Citrus Silver When I'm on a trip with my family, one that has me playing tourist most of our stay, I always plan for easy outfits, think basic Betty. I take into consideration the weather and of course always always pack accessories. Accessories are my way of taking a simple outfit to the next level, a level like I've actually put some thought into my look. Dressing a baby bump the second time around has been all about the basics, while adding in non-maternity items I already own like over-sized sweaters and … read more...