Lifestyle Change; Paleo Diet {VLOG}

Forced into a Paleo Diet Lifestyle…. 

I can explain; I don’t take the word forced very lightly, don’t think someone has pushed us into something we don’t want to do, but should we want to live a long healthy life, based on both Sammy and mines family history, it’s best we follow these recommendations for us.

The Paleo Diet is not new to us, Sammy used to follow it a year or two ago, it was a short-term recommendation to help with his overall health. However our Naturopath is now recommending we both follow the Paleo Diet for good, for our health and wellness, as we’re both very susceptible for diabetes.

We’ve made some major changes over the past weekend however I had to go out and get a few more item, dragging the kids along for a FUN & EXPENSIVE grocery shop! It was painless for everyone. 

PS: we also baked our famous Double Chocolate Chip Cookies (Paleo-Friendly) made with avocados!!!
PPS: they’re officially paleo-diet, kid and baby approved





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