FASHION: Ready for fall yet?


…I know I am!

Don’t hate me because I said it, hate me because I am making you like the idea that cooler days are ahead. Tell me you don’t actually look forward to the Fall and Winter months thanks to this ONE ENSEMBLE? Ha! Take that Summer! This year we welcome the days of rain and snow with open ass arms, fashionable arms!

Crazy how much I love the cooler months, I mean I am from Canada and all, where the cold months get below zero, and wearing a parka and moccasins are not based on a fashion trend but a life altering must, a MUST STAY ALIVE tactic. Ha! Hello, drama! It’s really doesn’t get THAT cold here in Vancouver, but cold enough to need to bundle up at night on the couch; and these are my favorite nights.


FIVE THINGS {traditions for the first day of school}


The five back-to-school traditions I will be starting this year: 1. buying "oh, the places you'll go" by dr. seuss, having all her teachers, pre-school to grade 12, write a message come year end and come graduation, what a sweet gift {buy book here} 2. we've all seen it, the first day of school photo signs; for ours, we took it one step further. had them customized and stepped up to not just the first-day, but also the last-day and an about me page that'll bring back loads of adorable memories when we're ready to go there {get your custom back-to-school trio here} 3. back-to-school breakfast and summers' last supper; no doubt the morning before the first day of school with be … read more...

{Wordless} Wednesday


//nearly wordless wednesday… these quotes move me. i've been feeling a little down and out the past month and i'm finding guidance in inspirational quotes. i know i have what it takes to get myself to a point of optimal health and i will get there, i just have to remind myself that this race i am running solo. i need to enjoy the journey from start to end, not constantly looking ahead and waiting for that number to show up on the scale, maybe i need to take some advise from our old friend turtle, slow and steady wins the race. sharing my weight loss story over at ptpa this morning with some pretty amazing before and afters of my progress thus far, check it out here; be kind, i'm … read more...

FITNESS: Q&A with Debbie Siebers {slim in 6}


So if you follow me on instagram you will know that I have been working out as much as I can from home; in my leopard pajamas. So happy with my change in not only my body, but my energy and allover happiness level {yes people, this is a thing}. I started using the Slim in 6 videos on July 26th and already can see a huge difference. It feels good to not only know I'm making a difference in my health, but see it in my reflection. DEBBIE SIEBERS Website // Facebook // Twitter // Buy Slim in 6 I was lucky enough to get a chance to pick Debbie's brain, and get a look into why she created the Slim in 6 video set, where her inspiration comes from, and of course her most favorite … read more...

DIY Wind Chime {Mama & Me Craft}


Sofia and I love to sit down together and craft. My mama was a crafter, I was a crafter, and therefore it makes perfect sense that Sofia loves to create masterpieces with her little hands. We stumbled across this sweet wind chime via Mama. Papa. Bubba. {who found it via hands on as we grow} and couldn't help but make one for our porch. We got right to hunting our flower garden and overgrown forest ferns and brought them back to the kitchen table to begin. Nature needed and instrument, and we were going to make her one. // WHAT YOU'LL NEED: Canning Jar Lids Contact Paper Flower Pedals, Leaves, and Ferns Hot Glue Gun String Stick Drill Simply put, we collected our … read more...

DIY: Superhero Playdate {Mama & Me Craft}


Did you see our superhero playdate I posted on our Facebook page earlier this week? We've been planning this for quite sometime, ever since Sofia has grown a "thing" for superheros. It was all quite random as we've never watched anything superhero related, but I know it came hand in hand with all this imagination play she has been about these days. I love every second of it, her mind wanders in the most magical and creative ways, it really takes me down a notch when I see her playing like this; a great reminder we were all kids once, life doesn't always have to be so high stress. Sammy and I get dragged into her worlds ever single day, from playing doctor to her dolls, to … read more...

FIVE THINGS {Back-To-School with Zulily}


The five back-to-school pieces I'm crushing over at zulily: 1. need I explain, sofia and i both need this tee; it only makes sense we both get one {$13.06; buy here} 2. these are just too much. leopard in our home is a neutral, and these are a must {$15.67; buy here} 3. this lunch kit is beyond sweet, fully insulated and a spot for utensils; sweet {$16.98; buy here} 4. when i think of school, i think of collared shirts and cardigans. and this one is adorable {$49.65; buy here} 5. these sweet images are just the perfect size to frame up and put in the babes play room {$5.21 each/$28.74 set} This is Sofia's first year in school, part-time, but this doesn't make us any less … read more...

BACK TO SCHOOL: Triple Flip Giving Campaign

DTG Girls

Today's Back-to-School Series is brought to you by Little Miss Mama and Triple Flip By a raise of your virtual-hands, who's nervous about how much money is going to be spent on this years back-to-school; and who's stressed about the fact that perfectly good clothing that your children already own is going to be deemed "no suitable for this years school year" or plain and simple it's been grown out of.  As a child, back-to-school for me was all about the fashion, I had no problem reusing school supplies from the years gone past, but when it came to my clothing I had very specific ideas in mind on how I wanted my school year to look while I walked down the halls. Triple Flip is … read more...