{Wordless} Wednesday

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// nearly wordless wednesday

…our summer ballet class has come to and end and although we are sad to say goodbye, we are happy it happened. every friday morning felt beyond rushed, getting there by 9:30am because a feat in itself; but once we walked through the door and saw all the mini ballerina’s, our minds were clear and all we wanted to do was drift away. sofia took some time {as expected} to get into the class, but come the final class she was on her own, tippy-toeing, and twirling with the best of them.

FASHION: Suzy Shier {deserves your attention}


SHOP // jumpsuit :: blouse :: bodycon :: skater dress :: kimono :: floral dress :: leggings :: shift dress I feel like their are so many fashion retails out there {not complaining}, I just fear that sometimes the best ones slip through the cracks and get looked past; or worst, never known about. Suzy Shier has a special place in my heart, for one it was my first retail job, worked there about 3 years, loved them so much I gave them all the money I ever earned there in lieu of clothing {retailing jobs are bitter sweet}. Suzy Shier Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Pinterest // YouTube Suzy Shier carried trendy clothing, and by this I mean they are on point with … read more...

FAMILY: Krause Berry Farm {in the rain}


We love a good u-pick, especially when it's with good friends! Myself, Sofia Marie, Tamara {from discovering parenthood}, and her daughter Everly decided to stick-it-out with our original plans made; a visit to Krause Berry Farm to pick our quota of blueberries for the season, despite the weather. I mean, it wasn't a torential downpour, it was merely spitting, that is when we were en-route. We arrived to a little more than a sprinkling of rain, but their was no turning back now, a little rain never killed nobody {well, that is unless you're a pop rock, then moisture is pretty much your end-all}. Krause Berry Farm Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram We hopped on the … read more...

Shopping Smart Online


I think it's no surprise to you all that I shop online. I can honestly, and proudly say I spend at least 45 minutes a day scouting my favorite sites, adding anything and everything to my cart, and then wishing my last name were Hilton or Kardashian. I know I'm not alone when I say shopping online is a great form of therapy, retail therapy. SHOPSTER Website // Facebook // Twitter // Google+ I would say that I shop more online than I do in store for one reason, and one reason only, COST. I've found their are far more sales to be discovered online than walking a local mall; unless of course you have the cojones to ask for discounts at the till, and to be frank I've never done that … read more...

DIY :: homemade nail polish


If you know me, you know I love a good DIY. Something that not only allows me to customize what I am making to my personal preferences, but even quite possibly saving me a bunch of money. I was approached and asked to check out this homemade nail polish book, and really the title alone had be hooked. Really?! You can make your own polish? After further looking into it and learning that it can be done with a few simple ingredients I was all in. Sign me up! Send me the book, let's get started! Ordered some products I was going to want to have for this little DIY off of etsy and called my bestie up. Come over for big brother eviction night and let's customize some nail … read more...

Weight Loss Update :: Day 85 {tough times}


Hiccups along the way were expected, I knew I would eventually plateau, it's always what you hear from others, but I had no idea it would hit me so hard emotionally. Feeling defeated, feeling down, feeling very helpless.  I have successfully lost 2 lbs each week over the last 85 days, give or take a little, however the last 2 weeks for me have me at a complete standstill. I am fluctuating between maintaining my weight or gaining a pound, it's heartbreaking. Sometimes this happens when someone gets comfortable in a new diet plan and feels they can deviate a little here and there as they are strong enough to get back on the bandwagon after just the one bite, that's not the case … read more...

{WORDLESS} Wednesday


// nearly wordless wednesday ...the past week has been splendid! from walks along the water, to afternoons at granville island, to welcoming cuddles with baby duckling and pigs on a private farm tour. this summer is off to a great start and will only get better i am sure. here's to another fabulous week ahead with sofia's first whitecaps game, and a special visit from her great nana. happy wednesday! … read more...

FAMILY :: Picnic Essentials


blanket :: grill :: basket :: plateware :: radio :: umbrella Picnic's are something you SHOULD be doing most summer days, let's be honest. This summer make sure you have all the essentials you'll need to make a picnic in the park {or the beach} complete perfection. From something to sit on, grill on, eat on, and everything fun in between. Let this be your picnic essential list, add to it as you see fit your family, for us I would add a few toys, books, and loads and loads of food; yummy yummy food! TELL ME do you picnic with the ants? … read more...