LIFESTYLE: Didn’t know I needed it!

2016-01-19 14.08.15

So, as some of you may have noticed I fell off the face of the earth for about 2 weeks completely unannounced!

It was not a planned break, let me tell you, if it was trust me I would’ve scheduled something far more adventurous than what I actually did, but apparently it was one that my body had needed for a while now and was not taking no for an answer. 

hey person, you need a break, we’re putting a stop to any desire to do anything and this begins now, say hello to your new friend couch!

As most mothers’ do, I’ve had my plate full and been putting on a happy face while I fail at finding balance. It wasn’t until school registration was nearing did things start to get really hectic. Going to info sessions, researching schools and available programs, registering and entering into a lottery sitting, waiting on edge to see if that horse shoe was in fact up your ass all along. It’s just been one of those past months. I know I don’t need to explain myself but I felt the desire to keep you all in the loop giving some reasoning behind my disappearing act. Really I’m about the worst magician ever, so sorry about that!

We will be back to regular programming soon, I promise!

TRAVEL: Tofino, here we come!


The last time I was in Tofino, this happened, and as you can imagine life changed drastically. A wedding, future family plans, and house shopping; that little monumental trip did all that. And now we're going back, 9 years later, but this time we're not alone, we are travelling with our little and our family, in celebration of my parents 40th Wedding Anniversary! I'm so very excited to be going back, for far too many reasons to list, but what I will say is that I am sure it will be another amazing trip that will go down in history (no, but really Tofino, this is your warning that we're coming)!  We will be going early next month, with plans on staying at one of … read more...

FASHION: or lack thereof’


You know why you don't see weekly fashion posts here? Oh! Let me list the ways; Some days I don't get out of my pajamas (don't say you don't do it). I'm not always fashionable, hard to believe, unless of course you caught me at Starbucks this morning. Sometimes laundry doesn't make the priority list that week, not my basket anyways. Our home has horrible lighting for photographs, straight up! The weather sometimes plays mean and I just can't get outside to take photographs (see excuse 4 for backup) Monday outfits are all about quick comfort because for me (and many others) they're work days. I literally roll out of bed and put all my efforts into little … read more...

LIFESTYLE: Intruders; the whole scary story

2016-01-06 21

It was about 8:35pm when I had just walked from Sofia's bedroom after laying with her before falling fast asleep for the night. Her and Olly were snuggled up together embarking on some wildly delightful dreams (this I know, we had just read a Dr. Seuss book, it's pretty much a given this was where she was headed). I sat down after making myself a cup of tea and was began filtering through important e-mails I needed to reply. That's when it happened... The door bell rang 3 times, very quickly, followed by not a knock but something I would a pounding on my door. My heart skipped 5 or 6 beats and my stomach sank. My first thought was, <wait? what time is it, maybe it's … read more...

BEST OF NETFLIX; sick days, they may make you crazy

2016-01-11 17

Sofia and I went stir crazy yesterday, we stayed home the entire day as I was in no shape (or form) to go out, and it made us both a little crazy (in a Miley Cyrus sorta' way, not good guys, it was quite the sight). There are only so many things you can do with a 4-year old when your brain and body are running at half speed. We played Shopkins until I could no longer handle talking for a taco anymore, we got artistic and painted until I gave into my clean and organized ways and I could no longer handle the amount of red splatter that was on the floor, and then of course we resorted to Netflix; and this is when things went south. I handed over the controller and … read more...

DIY: Bedside Table Overhaul {with D-C-Fix}


We have an IKEA bedroom set because a) it's affordable and we bought it when we first got married and b) our bedroom hasn't made the priorities list as of yet. This is why tackling upgrades to our bedroom in the form of a bedside table overhaul was so needed. Call it an IKEA hack if you will, this little project took me all of 40 minutes from start to finish. I covered the table top with the marble self-adhesive film by D-C-Fix and swapped out the drawer handles with those that I found at Michaels Crafts. D-C-FIX Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Pinterest The bedside tables are that from IKEA's Hemnes collection, as is the bed, they've served … read more...

LIFE: The Best Apps To Make Life Easier

PicMonkey Collage

  Life can be easy, and not by throwing your hands up and giving mercy. Life can be made easy, and there is an app for that.  Even if I wasn't a blogger who is mildly obsessed with social media, I'd still find my phone as great help in making and managing everyday tasks easier. I wanted to share 5 apps that make my life overall, easier. I have had these apps on my phones both iOS and Android and I've kept accounts with them all for over 5 years (with the exception of 1 that I find changes with the times). These apps help save me time, stress and above all TIME (wait? what!) and this is why I consider them the the best apps for making life … read more...

LIFE: Hey! 2016, You’re good people!


I'm really loving how 2016 has presented itself. Very mellow, non-threatening, easy in a good vibes only sorta' way. I made no wild resolutions, nothing that will have a choke hold on my daily running thoughts, I've expected nothing from the likes of the changing year, just simply to enjoy each day. January 1st: Spent the first morning drawing a bath for myself, soaking away with some fancy pants bath salts that Sammy spoiled me with in my stocking over the Christmas Holidays. Good right? Wait it gets better; Sofia was more than content playing trains and simultaneously watching Netflix while Sammy vacuumed and cleaned bathrooms. Is this even real … read more...