FEATURE: Doodles By Me Shoes


I doubt this is going to come as a surprise but Sofia and I, WE LOVE A GOOD CRAFT. Clearly glitter runs through our veins and if crafting can be hereditary then it’s no doubt she got it from her mama!

I stumbled across this company when looking for an indoor shoe that Sofia could take and keep at school. Once the request form rolled out in it entirety (this kindergarten thing is serious business) I was left with a very specific check-list of what they wanted in an indoor shoe for these kidlets.

  1. They must be able to put them on themselves (no tie-up shoes)
  2. They had to be quiet with no obnoxious flashing lights 
  3. They had to be comfortable
  4. They had to have white, non-marking soles

The hunt was on for the perfect indoor shoe for Sofia’s first year of Kindergarten and thankfully it didn’t take me too long, only about 3 cups of tea behind my laptop simultaneously binge watching Drop Dead Diva on Netflix (hello! multitasking mamas). Once I found Doodles by me Shoes I knew these were the ones; a shoe she could put on herself, did not need an insole to be comfy, checked off all sergeant kindergartens requests and it was a shoe she could COLOR HERSELF! You guys! This shoe is beyond amazing, I wish they came in my size, that or I wished my feet weren’t so damn big! 

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We took our time in coloring and eventually she enlisted in my help, that or she gave up repeating herself, “no thanks mum, I can do it myself”. I just wanted to get in there so bad, she gave me one shoe to color and she colored the other, I convinced her that it was for the purpose of feeling connected to me while she was at school. If she ever missed me she could hug her shoe… she laughed, she wasn’t buying into my story, but she still let me help in the coloring process. She’s awesome like that!

img_4870 img_4875 img_4878 img_4884 img_4859 img_5302 img_5319 img_5338 img_5331 img_5343 img_5363


SO YOU KNOW the shoes came with their own set of felts, that are adorable I may add. Once the shoes arrive you’re ready to get your color on and once complete they’re ready for the runway. I have a feeling this will go down as one of the funnest most memorable crafts for Sofia. She still talks about how she has “one-of-a-kind shoes”.



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Disclosure:: This post is sponsored by Doodles by me Shoes but as always, the opinions are my own (in this case Sofia’s).
We both love the product and therefore shared it with you today.

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