PARENTING: Good Sleep Is Just a Jump Away

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If someone told me that a good night sleep was just a jump away, I would say how high.

The day I heard that Springfree Trampoline was setting up shop in my city, I got excited. Sammy and I have been contemplating what to invest in for Sofia in a play center now that we have a large backyard. From a playhouse to a swing set to a trampoline, the options are unlimited really, it just depends on what we want to spend. We weigh out factors on longevity and long-term interest, to cost and overall look it gives to the backyard.  A playhouse was my first choice because I grew up with one and the look of them in the backyard among the garden beds is just so adorable. I think we’ve ruled out a swing-set as we live just behind a park and the thought of taking up valuable real estate in our backyard with a copy and paste from down the street makes no logical sense. Now trampolines have extreme long term value with still getting used into your childrens teen years and young adult lives, this I know as we had one growing up.

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Springfree Trampoline is hosting an event this Sunday, October 4th that I had share. Starting at 12pm and going until 4pm, join them anytime throughout the day for Healthy Snack Sundays. They will be hosting a free workshop on making healthy no-bake (peanut-free) snacks for the whole family.

More information found here on the Springfree Trampoline Website. 

Now, back to the tough choices, but if I had it my way, we’d be the winners of the next big lotto and would be installing both Playhouse and Trampoline this Fall, of course hosting a celebratory party with “all the kids” to kick off our new backyard!

FAMILY: Our Fall Bucket List


Although the sun is holding on these days, the weather is definitely making a seasonal change. The mornings are cold, and the breeze is crisp; Fall is here and I couldn't be more delighted with the change in pace. Fall makes me slow down, take a step back, and really enjoy more down time with friends and family. I have compiled a small but important list of things I would like to do over the course of the season. I find everything pumpkin-spiced comes and goes so quickly that if I don't write them down, they will be forgotten. So here is my Fall Bucket List, in hopes to inspire you to make your very own. Print one out and put it on your fridge and ensure little reminders each … read more...

HOME TOUR: Our Bathroom In The Woods


Family Growth Ruler via Watch Us Grow "Hot In Here" Print via Julian & Jinks // Soap Dispenser via Bernardin // Tree Wall Decals via Surface Inspired Room: Main Bathroom (upstairs) Vibe: Cabin in the City It's the main bathroom of our 4 bedroom 2.5 bathroom home. Along with the kitchen, it was one of the first things that we tackled as far as renovations go. The original brass fixtures were horrible but I'm certain it's the butter yellow sink, tub, toilet trio that did us in. Gutted the entire room, right down to the studs, and although we gave consideration to blowing out the back wall and combining the half bath, we just couldn't do it. The reluctance we felt … read more...

DIY: Teapot Vase


Dining Room Chandelier via Urban Barn I wouldn't want, not even for a second, for you to think I'm organized enough in my life to execute a DIY like this with having to go out shopping.  The tea pot and the idea was about all of the items I had in the moment, that and a can of gold spray paint that I inherited in a swag-bag the night prior; everything else was sourced out of home. SIDE RANT>> Just for a moment, can we talk about the bugger who made wearing your pajamas in public is a faux-pas? I mean maybe I don't know all the rules, but did I miss a memo on the acceptance of your night wear in the florist, on say... a Sunday afternoon? Maybe if I knew the rules … read more...

DIY: Pumpkin Spice WHAT?!


I've heard and seen some of the most wildest do-it-yourself projects, like turning crafting pom-poms into a rug or taking an old shoe box and turning it into a smartphone projector. I mean thanks to Pinterest, we've been able to share our ingenious ideas with those around the world that are wild enough to try it. And this is why I love the internet so much, connecting like minded people from all around the globe over toilet paper roll craft ideas. The season is upon us where leaves start to turn color and fall from the trees, that and everyday products get an upgrade into Pumpkin Spice versions of itself. These can only be blamed on the ridiculous amount of time we start to … read more...

BEAUTY: figuring it out at 32


Sun spots and signs of wrinkles have been making an appearance in my life, and it's actually sorta' funny. It only took me 32 years to realize I didn't carry the same genes as Cindy Crawford. At 32 I finally realized that the age defying super power I once thought I held, doesn't belong to me . Now starts the game of graceful aging; wanna play? In the blogging world I can create opportunities to try nearly anything. But when it comes to my skincare I'm extremely selective in who I approach and what offers I accept. I'm not one to put it all on the black jack table, and that goes the same for my skincare routine; I don't make bold moves or take risky chances. Before anything … read more...

FAMILY: wasting time waiting for the perfect moment


The memories we made are what's important, that flawless vintage tea cup that sits prestigiously in it's glass house holds absolutely no meaning to me. When it comes to sipping tea, my first choice is always from a vintage tea cup that my nanna gave me. When she gave me these porcelain treasures her intentions were to add quantity to my collection, but of course not to be used until the an royal occasion presented itself. The funny thing is, she never set rules to these occasions, but I did know they were there and I did know I was to abide by them. So you can imagine the confusion that set in when she saw me pull them out on a Monday evening after dinner with only a quarter our … read more...

TV: 5 Fall Favorites


I've often wondered if it's the TV shows I actually like, or the snacks and cuddling that comes along with it? You ever think deep like that? Do you ever wonder? Either way I'm okay with not really knowing and today I am sharing our 5 most anticipated shows for Fall. From reality TV to comedy series, Sammy and I have our favorites spread among many styles. What are some of your favorites series that are returning this Fall?   Shark Tank is a show Sammy and I have been watching, including Dragons Den (the Canadian equivalent) since the beginning of time. We love hearing of start up companies, but better yet we love seeing them get deals and be excited about new … read more...