FAMILY: The Polar Express; Squamish

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I found out last year, when it was too late of course, the Polar Express was an actual thing, in Squamish. We’re talking recreating the movie kinda’ experience. Including meeting the conductor, the hobo, characters in the movie, riding the Polar Express with cookie and hot chocolate service, and the singing of Christmas carols. Magical doesn’t even begin to describe the experience we had when we attended the Polar Express in Squamish this year.

The Polar Express :: Squamish
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Some of you caught wind, via instagram, that our family, along with 5 others {including Tamara from Discovering Parenthood, and Andria from Cheerio Diaries} hopped aboard the Polar Express at the beginning of December. Our kids got all dressed up cozy in their jammies, and we boarded a train destine for the North Pole. The conductor greeted us with amazement, he punched our golden tickets and off we went. We passed by the transient hobo setting up temporary shop, building his fire as he did in the movie, we got to chat with know-it-all Eddie who showered us with knowledge about the train, and even a reenactment of the moment the emergency brakes were pulled. The music played, the waiters brought hot cocoa and cookies, and the feeling in the air was pure magic. We sang carols with friends new and old, laughter filled the train car, and you could feel the holiday joy from everyone. Memories that will be never forgotten. Until next year Squamish, until next year…

{WORDLESS} Wednesday


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FEATURE: eShakti + Giveaway


Who actually fits societies size chart? I know I don't! This my friends is why eShakti is your ultimate go-to for affordable custom attire. From shirts, to blazers, to skirts, pants and dresses, they take tailoring online and make it a luxury we can all afford. eShakti Website // Facebook // Twitter // Pinterest // Instagram If you are long-time reader of Little Miss Mama, you'll know I was lucky enough to work alongside eShakti a little while back. I got to customize and model my very own creation. Now ladies, I didn't just tailor my dress to fit my curves, I added a little length in the sleeves {a personal preference of mine}, a little length in the skirt {we're talkin' … read more...

BEAUTY: Best Winter Lip


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Selfies are a thing both loved and hated, the world is split on this one, the Canon Selphy on the other hand we can all agree on, nothing but love. A tiny compact printer that prints gorgeous images directly from your phone or computer, wirelessly in a matter of seconds. I got my own Selphy about 3 months ago and have been printing photos quicker than I can take them. That says a lot coming from me, this is a challenge I don't take lightly, I could easily and happily print photos all day long with this thing. ...and this is why we're GIVING ONE AWAY TODAY! You betcha! Bet you never saw that one coming, huh? Another fun flash giveaway that you didn't see coming! It's a CHRISTMAS … read more...

FAMILY: Tech Savvy at Three


We are a tech-driven family. From smartphones to smartwatches, to laptops and tablets, our entire family enjoys being connected. It makes sense that Sofia takes to technology advanced toys, that and the fact everything is slowly going this way. Sammy and I used to depend on technology to get us through tough times with Sofia; some maybe hesitant to admit this, clearly I'm not one of them. Sofia was colic for the first 9 months of her life, including having strong negative feelings towards sleeping, and a personal vendetta for moving vehicles. This enjoyable combination made for some fun times as first time parents, let me tell you. Early on Sammy and I invested in a DVD player for … read more...

FEATURE: 4Cats Art Studio FUN


Their are these two amazing woman. Lisa and Marnie. They're related, cousins, awesome-ness runs in their family. They own a 4Cats Art Studio, located in Port Coquitlam, and in my eyes they're the bees knees. They're living their dream, and that pretty much makes my first statement true, but if you need here's another reason. I hosted a fun event at their studio last week in hope to do two things, one, see some of my most favorite mama bloggers again before the new year, and two, keeping Sofia up way past her bedtime just to see how much wilder a bedtime routine could get. Only kidding, the second reason I wanted to hail everyone into the tri-cities was to show them just how … read more...

FEATURE: Camp & Cabin Sleepwear + GIVEAWAY


Story of my life; I find Sofia the most perfect pajamas and they don't come in adult size. They're plaid, includes two of our most favorite colors, softer than a feather falling, and it's a onesie. I've been emotionally torn since finding them, so excited for her, so crushed for me. UNTIL NOW! When it comes to fleece onesies, Camp & Cabin does not discriminate by age. Selling infant, toddler, and adult fleece sleepwear, it's no doubt they've got my undivided attention. I cruise the site and see they have a onesie identical to that of the one I've been envious of hanging in Sofia's closet. AND THEN IT'S MINE {much to my husbands dismay}.  It's plaid, it's red and black, it's … read more...