FASHION: Disney Clothing for Kids


Mickey Shirt, Jeans, Shoes // Mickey Hat // Minnie Pants, High-Tops // Dumbo Onesie, Dress

NOTHING, I mean nothing beats getting the kids pumped for an upcoming Disneyland Vacation than online shopping for some new Disney wardrobe additions. Don’t get me wrong, picking up some Disney clothing in the park is also mandatory, souvenir tee’s are the greatest (hello! adorable pieces they can hang onto for their kids), but why wait to lather them in Disney attire, especially when some retailers have made it so affordable to do so now.

After a bit of hunting I noticed that some of my ultimate favorite retailers carry Disney clothing, The Gap, Old Navy and H&M. With all the excitment around us going to Disneyland in May, today’s post was born. 

I’ve made an oath to myself (and now all of you) that I will do my very best to match my girls in signature Disney pieces each and everyday at the park this year, why you ask… WHY THE HECK NOT?! It’s really only a matter of time when it will no longer be cool for your mum to choose your daily ensemble especially ones that match your much younger sibling. So we’re going full-bore on this one whether or not Sammy thinks it’s a good idea or not. 


UntitledOLD NAVY; one of my favorite retailers to date. Super affordable clothing for the entire family, on-point trends and the home on the Rockstar Jean which will forever go down as being THE BEST jeans you can ever own (in my opinion). It’s no surprise to me that they make adorable Disney clothing for kids, and you can bet our luggage will be stocked full of Old Navy tagged items. 


Mickey Mouse Tee from Old Navy for $16.94 (12 months to 5T)
Mickey Mouse Slip-on’s from The Gap for $44.95 (size 5 to 11)
Mickey Mouse Jeans from The Gap for $49.95 (12 months to 5 years)



Untitled1THE GAP; another favorite for kids clothing, they just always seem to nail it when it comes to trends and quality. Take this for instance, their brand new Disney collection featuring adorable Dumbo accessories? Does it get any sweeter than this? Sometimes a little more money is spent here, but if you purchase pieces that can be handed down between siblings or used long-term (say a coat or shoes) then I say JUST DO IT! I’m a horrible influence when it comes to shopping, #sorrynotsorry


Baby Dumbo Onsie from The Gap for $32.95 (0 months to 24 months)
Baby Dumbo Dress from The Gap for $44.95 (0 months to 24 months)
Baby Dumbo Hat from The Gap for $24.95 (0 months to 24 months)



Untitled2H&M; I love them even more (if that’s even possible) now that they have online shopping here in Canada. They’ve got to have the most charming and trendy kids clothing on the planet. HONESTLY I don’t know who’s behind their designs but they need a raise; I doubt I’ve gone into H&M ever and left empty handed. It’ll come no surprise to Sammy that my H&M virtual shopping cart is sitting full of Disney clothing for both Sofia and Stella… now to just convince him they’re all needed.


Minnie Mouse Bathing Suit from H&M for $17.99 (1 year to 10 years)
Minnie Mouse Joggers from H&M for $19.99 (1 year to 10 years)
Minnie Mouse High-Tops from H&M for $34.99 (size 7.5 to kids 3)




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