DIY: #Selfie Tee


We all do it; pose, snap, pose, snap, pose, snap, chose the best of three, filter it until we are no longer recognizable, post it to instagram, and tag it with the most hated, yet loved hashtag, #selfie.

This DIY is not only simple and affordable, but the skies the limit as far as customization goes. Have it be your personal motto, your favorite phrase, even an adorable picture your little human made “just for you”. As long as you can print it, you can wear it. We chose a play on words with #selfie, because we haven’t irritated enough people already today, right? Hey! At least you can’t call me a liar, Seriously I’m out of #selfie control.

…learn about how Nokia’s Cortana helped me shop for a new fall wardrobe on a $200 budget; here.

Sadly, this is the last leg of our #StyledByLumia Do It Yo’Self Series on Little Miss Mama; we started out 2 weeks back with our $6 Embellished Beanie, and last week with our $6 Padlock Necklace. We’ve had so much fun designing, crafting, and hopefully inspiring some of you keep the money in yo’pockets and start making your own crush-worthy fashion accessories. Thanks again to Nokia for choosing us to par-take in the #StyledByLumia Challenge and to further stay in the look check things out here via instagram, twitter, and facebook. //the price of the transfer paper is based on a per sheet price, i paid $16.99 at michaels cafts for a package of 10, you can buy it here for much cheaper

Disclosure :: I received compensation to facilitate my feature, however all opinions are my own.

Challenge Accepted #StyledByLumia


#StyledByLumia Challenge Equipped with a Nokia Lumia 635 and a $200 budget, put together affordable ensembles with the help of your cell phone Target for me is one of those stores that's a no-brainer. Always the first place I hit and usually a total success. Although I left empty handed, I left with direction and ideas; I knew I wanted to play with more jewel tones for fall, I needed a fur vest that was flattering {not an easy task for a curvy woman}, and I wanted knits, lots and lots of cozy knits. Target was not a lost cause, I gained a whole lot of inspiration that I took with me on days 2 and 3 of my #StyledByLumia Challenge. //buy the knit vest here for $29 and the … read more...

FASHION: What I Wore {Wool Overs}


DRESS old navy SWEATER wool overs BELT h&m HAT icing {similar} BOOTS suzy shier EARRINGS gift LIPSTICK joe fresh {scarlet} & city lips {sangria} An outfit that is easily put together as it is to wear, will most certainly be added to the regular roster; this being one of them. Fall calls for big hats, pumpkin everything, and chunky knits, and this my friends is why I prefer the season of cooler weather to that with heat. These days their is nothing better in my eyes than to wrap yourself up in a cable knit cardigan and to feel still so put together. Oh Fall! You're so cozy I could keep you! WOOL OVERS Website // Facebook // Twitter // Google+ // Pinterest I feel so … read more...

SHOPPING: Weekend Warrior {steals & deals}


Old Navy Up to 60% off everything instore & online IF I MAY// this chambray top is a must for $11, this basic tee for $5 is a no brainer, and this waterfall cardigan for $19 in a fall must.  The Gap Take an extra 30% off sale items {code: GAPSUPER} $40 off $100 spent on oyterwear, hats, gloves, and scarves IF I MAY// this belted plaid dress hits at just the right spot, and who would I be if I didn't tell you about this quilted floral chambray vest? Suzy Shier Buy one get one 50% off the entire store Dorothy Perkins Save 25% and get free shipping over $50 {code: DPSHIP50} Handbag Heaven $15.99 for the Nila Anthony Shoulder Bag {reg: $54} Charming … read more...

FASHION: What I Wore {Code Vitesse}


JACKET kohls SKIRT code vitesse HAT forever 21 NECKLACE forever 21 BRACELETS angel wings accessory SHOES sam edelman Don't be fooled by the hat, I don't golf, but pom-poms are sorta' my thing. If the only downfall to include them in my wardrobe is to accepting the odd nut-job yelling "fore" out his window as I was into mall; I'l take it. This outfit might just be one of my favorites, It's easy to wear, the skirt is heavely, minus the shoes, I could easily run a marathon in it; you know if marathons were my thing. The bomber jacket sets the look with the cutest golden pineapple, and the hat well let's just say it seals the deal. This look here for me, is perfection. CODE … read more...

DIY: Padlock Necklace


Chanel and Michael Kors have made it very clear, a padlock necklace is this seasons must have accessory {the proof is in the puddin' folks}, this is why today we are sparing our bank accounts, and our dignity as this pieces can come with a $200+ price tag. YUCK! So today, we make it, because why not when you can do it for under $10?! This DIY is beyond simple but comes with very SERIOUS rules. You know the keys that come with your padlock, yeah, don't lose them; you'll need it if you ever wan't to take this baby off. First things first {I'm so fancy}, use pliers to shorten your chain to the desired length, then simply unlock your padlock, adding both chain ends inside and lock.. … read more...

BEAUTY: Best Affordable Foundation {Part 2}


It's no lie, makeup can cost a small fortune, however I do know that they are some things you don't need to spend BIG MONEY on; I just don't know what ones they're #truestory. This is why today I ask the BEAUTY BUST! team to tell us the best affordable foundations. We're talking good 'ol drug store foundations that give a flawless finish. I could go on, and on, and on, and talk about what I will be doing with the money saved, and also how fabulous it is to find a product that doesn't cost me food from our mouths, but lets be honest, you already knew all this good stuff! Onto what you're really hear from, the goods:   I believe that in your makeup bag, if there’s … read more...

FAMILY: Sofia n’ Elmo


It's not really a news flash, but Sofia loves Elmo, what child doesn't? It's really one of those characters that you're born to love. He's little {who doesn't like little}, he ridiculously cuddly {on tv and in the flesh}, and he has a voice that you can't help but giggle at. All around I truly think Elmo is good people, so when preskool came out with Let's Imagine Elmo, I knew this was a toy that I would approve to have around. You see, we're at the perfect age right now, three, where imaginary play is about all we ever do. In between errands and making meals, imagination play is what fills out days; and I'm totally copacetic with that. What Let's Imagine Elmo taught Sofia: 1. … read more...