DIY Easter Bunny Babies

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Morning crafts happen not as often as Sofia would like, but let me tell you I do my best to make them happen as much as I can. As a blogger my evenings usually consist of me getting the end end of an inbox that seems like a cruel joke played by outlook, writing content for the site, and catching up on what has gone on during the day via social media. When this is done, it’s when I clock out and if it’s sometime before midnight I will normally hit up Pinterest and see what I can muster up planning for the next morning shinanigans. Something from a toilet paper roll or pipe cleaners because we always have these on hand. This morning craft was brought to you by a a cleaning out of my bathroom cabinets finding things I know I will never use sort of materials.


Saw this adorable bunny on pinterest, of course, and knew we had to recreate it. Thanks to my canon pocket printer {aka the canon selphy} I found my most favorite picture of Sofia’s face as of recently, and printed it off. Cut it out, along with a bunny shape body, ears and feet. Setup a pink marker, glue, cotton puffs and her sweet little mugg.

The next morning she woke and ran right to the table, my lack of excitement in the morning must have told her that it was a late night, and quite possibly some of that late night may have had something to do with coming up with a craft idea for her. SHE WAS RIGHT. She couldn’t stop giggling the entire way through the craft, I mean I don’t blame her, she is one adorable little bunny.


HEY! TELL ME do you morning craft? Or am I the crazy one here who panics at midnight for plans for the day ahead? I’m so a last minute mom, I take great pride in that, especially when things turn out, like this little bunny!

A DAY IN THE LIFE: Sofia & Max


It feels so rewarding to get family together under one roof successfully, but even more so when it's between little people that will forever cherish these memories when they grow up. Sofia and her youngest cousin, baby Max {a name that I'm sure he'll grow to just love} had a great day together this past weekend. The stars aliened and there was a double rainbow sleepover at Nana and Papa's  house Friday night. Fun was had from morning to night and lucky for me a camera was clicking at all times. Between me and my mama we snapped shots through out the entire day, minus meal times because I would hate for Sofia to see baby Max school her in eating, but all the important parts of the … read more...

FASHION: Spring is near


Because Fall is nearly over and we can'all use a little wardrobe inspiration for the warmer weather ahead. Am I right or am I right? Nothing beats a washed dark denim, a ridiculously cozy knit, and bracelet wearing boots; I mean it, nothing beats it! Who's excited to start buying short sleeves and begin baring our skin again? Haul out the tub of body butter we all promised our skin we'd lather it in, and get to it. SHOP THIS LOOK Jeans.  Top.  Sweater.  Boots.  Bag.  Sunnies. … read more...

FEATURE: Come get MESSY with me!


Hey remember when I booked a private event at 4Cats Art Studio in Port Coquitlam, had all my very favorite things there, tea, sour keys, and my lady friends? Yah that! I'm doing it again, but the only difference this time is if you're quick you can join me! What you need to know: Who: Hopefully you, me and 10 other people {class size is set to 12, so if you wan't in, reserve your butt a spot} What: Thanks to Julian & Jinks she has provided us with two gorgeously designed, fun loving quotes. We will be using them in an art project that has us transferring the images onto a 17" x 17" canvas board that we will custom paint to our liking. What wall in your home still have … read more...

DIY: Somewhere over the Rainbow


THIS is what come from spending 2 hours on Pinterest. A morning consisting of cutting, painting, and gluing, all things that make the absolute perfect start to any toddlers day. As a few of you saw on Instagram, I had a craft table setup for Sofia to discover on Friday morning. It consisted of a paper plate, a few strips of white cardstock, watercolors, glue, a black felt pen, and googly eyes. She woke up Friday and actually never even noticed it, straight to the couch to catch up with her buddies Toopy & Binoo. We got through the catchy intro and into about 5 minutes of the show before the paint pallet was discovered from the corner of her eye, she hoped up and ran straight to … read more...

Farmers Market FUN


#supportlocal; a hashtag that is as popular as it is important. Do you support your local community? If not you may have no idea how much better an apples taste from a local tree freshly picked? Or the taste of an handmade {with love} marshmallow or jeez, even wine made from 100% locally grown grapes. You're missing out my friends, you need to change that. If you follow us on Instagram you'll know that we've been hitting our local farmers' market here on Sundays, and were picking up so much more than just fresh fruits and vegetables you guys! Two weeks ago we came home with marshmallows, wine and even infused marinating salts. While this week we snagged a bag of illegally … read more...

FAMILY: Making a stance in PINK


This Canada-wide campaign I naturally gravitate to, but even more-so now that I am a mother. Growing up I was never bullied, unless of course I can call myself my own bully {I know I'm not alone in this self-love struggle}, but I did see it go on all around me every single day. I stood up for those I felt I could win in a battle against,  and those that needed an army, I gladly called in troops. Bullying goes on whether we know of it or not, starting from childhood and sadly working the way into our adult lives *face in palm*, pretty stupid actually. Some just never grow up... I am taking a stance, alongside MANY, in saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We will not tolerate bullying of any … read more...

FIVE THINGS: Playing with Makeup


Experiments are fun, especially when they're not on you. This week I'm going to test out five Clarins products that have really peeked my interest, they step up my everyday look in a way that I feel I can still manage {with a toddler attached to my leg} and afford; which in my beauty-books is a win win. Here it goes, wish me luck. The five clarins products I'm putting to the test this week: 1. blush prodige; sweet rose {here} 2. mascara; intense black {here} 3. lip balm perfector; rose {here} 4. brush-on perfector {here} 5. eye palette; garden escape {here} WHAT ARE your go-to pieces that makeup your everyday look? Stick around, we will be telling our tale next … read more...