10 brilliant date night ideas for parents

As a parent, nights out with your partner are few and far between, I know this first hand. Sammy and I have not been out on a date, just the two of us, in over 18 months. Priorities change, and life gives you different challenges that just seen to get in the way of spending time as we used to, just the two of us. A date doesn’t have to be cliche, nor does it have to be “cheesy or romantic”, it’s just special time spent with the one you love. I came up with 10 brilliant date night ideas, although they are not just for parents, I can see a parents particularly enjoying them most. It’s sorta funny how you begin to appreciate the smaller things in life after children.

1. Drive-In
*movie night in the backseat of your car with loads of sweets, you won’t have to share
2. Your Turn, My Turn
*do his favorite thing, and then yours. Hitting up the driving range, leading into spa pedicures
3. Cooking Class
*although you may do this together everyday of the week, their is something about doing it together, and without kids at your ankles
4. Picnic
*indoors or out a picnic is always a fabulous way to wind down.
Pack your favorite meals, snacks and games
5. Painting
6. Dance Lesson
7. Carnival
8. Brewery
9. Chocolate Making Class
10. Re-create your FIRST date


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