Five Things


When I find I need time away from life, something distracting that will take me far far away from reality, their is no better remedy for me than to shop for random gadgets online. Since their are numerous moments that I need to drift away from life within the week, I have compiled my favorite items I’ve found thus far. ENJOY!

1. A squirrel tissue holder; because why the heck not?!?  // buy here for $26
2. Who said you needed to replace your lamps when you repaint a room: nope not this time!  // buy here for $33
3. Only because I wanna say unicorns and elephants guard my jewels; how about you?  // buy here for $50
4. A solar sunflower that recharges your iphone; seriously who’s the genius?  // buy here for $145
5. No more toe dipping, wrist drenching for this mama. Nope not now.  // buy here for $30



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  1. Love the unicorn and elephant jewelry holder, not sure that I love it for $50 though! The squirrel is adorable!! 🙂 I love the idea of doing a list like this!! 🙂

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