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I often feel extremely lucky to be in the position I am in, as a blogger, given opportunities that are a dime a dozen, and enriching my life beyond means. Monday was one of those days, as some of you saw via instagram, I was invited on a Shop Sense Tour with GlobalTV’s Registered Dietitian, Melodie Yong. What better way then to start off March which is known as Nutrition Month. We toured a downtown grocery store, section by section, learning all the important facts about health and wellness in our family lives. It was not only important to be in-attendance for myself, but as a mother, knowing I am providing the best possible food choices for my babies {young; Sofia Marie, and old; Sammy}. 

What I took from the tour, I will now provide you… in point form. Every mother and family grocery shopper should know these basic facts:

  • if you have a picky eater in the family, let them choose fruits and vegetables for the week ahead. Your child’s excitement to choose something on their own, could encourage them to try a bite or two at your next meal. If they choose a fruit or vegetable you’ve never used or tried yourself, don’t show them disappointment or fear. Google will be your best friend when finding a suitable recipe. 
  • while shopping for vegetables, the deeper more vibrant colors the better for you. More vitamins and nutrients. 
  • making a grocery list in advance, will help with avoiding foolish purchases and stress at the store. I find grocery shopping with a toddler daunting enough, save yourself the grief and make a list. Thanks to Healthy Families BC here is a printable Menu Planner with Shopping List
  • when preparing your family meals, go by a 3 color minimum rule. Make sure everyones plates consist of 3 colors or more {protein color, carbohydrate color, and Vegetable colors}. Ensuring your providing the best array of vitamins for you and your diners bodies.  
  • the healthiest options for you and your family will be on the perimeter of the store. Once you start walking into the aisles your venturing into a land of high sodium, preservatives, and trans fats. Be sure to read labels when buying these boxed/bagged options. 
  • the best choice of fats/oils are those that are room temperature are liquid. Plain and simple really. 

HOWEVER I do have 2 other very exciting things I want to share…

1. you too can take a tour, a virtual tour.  Just like what I did, minus the screaming baby in your arms, and all while cozied up in your pajamas. Awesome right? Click through each section of the grocery store, {Produce, Bakery, Dairy, Fats & Oils and Meats and Alternatives} learning all the key points we need to know. 
2. to help with making your next family grocery shop pain free, Healthy Families BC, Little Miss Mama, and Mumfection are teaming up giving away a $200 Giftcard to IGA. Incredible right? ENTER NOW…

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  1. Awwwwwwesome!!! You’re doing amazing my lovely xo

  2. Thanks for te giveaway, this would be great to win!

  3. great

  4. Great post little miss mama!!

  5. I love the tip of encouraging your kids to help choose fruits and veggies for the family! Keeping them interested and invested in their health is so important!

    Anne Taylor

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  7. Thankfully, I do not have a picky eater but I love the idea of them picking out their own veggies. I will pass that idea on to my sis-in-law!

  8. Get organized. Plan ahead. Make a list. Great shopping tips.


  9. I liked the tip on discarding leftovers that have been unrefridgerated for more than two hours.

  10. I needed to be reminded to let my DD help. I forget sometimes that there ARE things that she can do, like rip lettuce leaves, even if she isn’t going to eat them.

  11. Great tips!

  12. love the recommendation on the 2 color rule

  13. I love their tips on food storage safety.

    hun423 at hotmail.com

  14. Good tips! and always check the flyers before going to the grocery store!

  15. Weird- I posted my favourite tip but it’s not on here anymore :S
    anyways, my favourite tip is:”Buy fresh and “in season” produce for the best value”

  16. plan ahead and make a list.

  17. Having a picky eater at home, I’d say my fave tip is letting the picky eater choose fruits and vegetables for the week ahead…

  18. I enjoyed the reminder from the The Produce Section – “Colour Your World” Believe me it’s always nice to SEE a colorful reminder of how important fruits and vegies really are!

  19. Stick to the perimeter…I guess I knew this, but I need to practice it more!

  20. the meal planning chart was most useful =)

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