2012 Golden Globes

I just love watching award shows when they start with a pre-show Red Carpet. Other than the seriously awkward interviewers and their attempt at a quick witted question, I watch it simply for the Fashion. The gowns, the Shoes, the Accessories. Ahhhhh I just can’t get enough. When beauty is in abundance, their is bounds to be a few busts. Come with me and see The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful from the 2012 Golden Globes. 

PS: Please note this is my opinions, as we are all entitled to one. As you may disagree, I encourage you to comment with a link to YOUR Golden Globes hot or not post. I’d love to see what you all think. 

Ariel Winter – Seriously Sweet
Dianna Agron
Kelly Osbourne

Lea Michele – Love the Dress, but I find it always looks like she is trying too hard

Nicole Kidman – Simply Stunning

Zooey Deschanel – Gorgeous in Green
Angelina Jolie – She should not have strayed away from her signature black

Madonna – Dress was a miss in my eyes, and her arms made me shiver

George Clooney & Stacey Keibler – So unimpressed with her Dress 

Sarah Michelle Gellar – no comment. YIKES
Ryan Gosling 
Sofia Vergara – Va Va Voom

Charlize Theron
Claire Danes
Julie Bowen – Pretty in Peach

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  1. not a fan of kelly osbourne’s or lea michele’s dresses but i agree with all the others posted 🙂

  2. I love Dianna’s dress. So pretty.

    While I don’t like Sarah Michelle Gellars dress, I do like the story behind it. Her daughter (who’s two) picked it out.

    • Okay, now you are making me feel bad. LOL
      I didn’t know the entire story – what I do know is when Sarah’s baby girl rows up she is going to know she made the WRONG DECISION….


  3. I agree with most of what you said but I think that Kelly Osborne was all bad, Angelina looked beautiful and Sara Michelle Gellar’s dress was beautiful… just not on her. And yes madonna’s arms are freaky!!

    • Right Maegan? She was up on stage twice and it scared me half to crap both times. She should have worn long or 3/4 Sleeves and focused on her face. She really is a beautiful women. I mean common, she isn’t dating men 1/4 of her age for reasons like money or fame… its her beauty right?!?!

      LOL – thanks for coming by and taking time to comment. It means a lot.


  4. But I think Angelina Jolie’s dress is phenomenal! She looks like a goddess. I particularly love that red folded collar. I agree that Julia Bohen looks lovely. 🙂


  5. Oh my goodness Zooey and Charlize are my favorite!! And its funny some ppl love Angelina Jolies and some dont… I just thought she looked too stiff…she needs to smile more!! Love your picks! No one on the fashion police on E! liked Sarah Michelle Gellars!!


    • Your so right Diana, Angelina’s gown was a Love or Hate situation I have been learning. It made it both on TRAIN WRECK and HOTTEST DRESSED list. Again proving Fashion is always in the eye of the beholder.


  6. OMG… we obviously disagree on Jolie… here’s a link to my post which documents those I absolutely loved:



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