2012 Oscars LOVELY & NOT SO MUCH

This year I felt the ladies went all out. By this I don’t mean glitz and glam “all out”… I mean if they did it RIGHT they were superb and if they did it WRONG it was just downright horrible, boarder line illegal. Here is my BEST and WORST for the 2012 Oscars. What was your take? Who was the BEST in your eyes and who made you loose your dinner?

PS: Carmen Jayne this one’s for you! You wanted to see what I thought of the Red Carpet, and therefore you got it. I wasn’t going to tune in this time, but I didn’t wanna disappoint! Love You <3

Berenice Bejo – Gorgeous in Mint 

Glenn Close 

Maria Menounos 

Milla Jovovich 

Sandra Bullock – Little sad to see she decided on Cosmetic Surgery

Emma Stone 

Kristin Wiig – Funny and Gorgeous

Maya Rudolph – A dress I would LOVE to own…

Tina Fey

Meryl Streep

Anna Farris

Anne-Sophie Bion – Really? All you could find was this paper bag?

Gwyneth Paltrow – I want to say she looks classy, but the dress makes me think nun.

Jane Seymour

Judy Greer

Wendi McLendon – Wasn’t prom like 15 years ago?

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  1. I agree with most of your choices. The Maya Rudolph is exquisite for a full figure.
    Meryl Streep always looks like she walked into her closet ten minutes before leaving and went “eeny meeny miny mo” and threw the outfit on and walked out the door

  2. Anne sophie bion, whoever she is should be arrested for wearing that thing! WHAT?! I think she was THE WORST dressed of the night. atleast Sherri tried to get a gown!


  3. I completely agree with your picks, and think the Sherri Shepherd one was trying way too hard. Really, you throw on that tacky gown and put your girls on display, for what? Ick, have some class.

  4. I agree excepting Gwyneth and theTom Ford dress, but amazing post and such a lovely blog! I’m happy I’ve come across to it 🙂

  5. Great recap! I pretty much only watch to see what everyone’s wearing, like most of the world:-) xoxo

  6. I actually loved Gwyneth Paltrow’s Tom Ford gown. The cape was the clincher, making the entire outfit minimalist and sleek.

  7. nice post :9 i love gwyneth paltrow 🙂 i’m following you, visit my blog if you want 🙂

  8. Im so glad to see Im not the only one who thinks E! got their pick for best dressed wrong when they said Gwyneth Paltrow, I love her, but I didnt think her dress was AMAZING like they did!! Michelle Williams is a def YES!! And look at Glenn Close…she looks AMAZING!! Great picks! 🙂

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