2013 Oscar Awards

Award nights, for me, are all about the Red Carpet. I set myself up at the television, phone in hand and laptop by my side, tapping into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram doing my very best to stay in touch with all my favorite celebs. Seeing who wore what, including “you wore what”?!? Every show has a few celebs who slip up and choose their attire with their eyes closed. But today we are not here to bash these bad decisions {okay maybe a little later we can}, we are here to see who did the Red Carpet best, take inspiration from, and of course find new celebs to crush on. 

My favorites for the night, hands down were Jennifer Lawrence, and Jennifer Garner. While Lawrence took home the Oscar for Best Actress in her roll for Silver Lining Playbook, Jennifer Garner’s husband, Ben Affleck, took home 3 Oscars for his film Argo {Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Film Editing}. *see list of all winners here*

I shared this video yesterday on Little Miss Mama’s Facebook Page, but I couldn’t resist in showing it one more time. I honestly don’t think I have ever seen a more humble celebrity in all my 29 years of life. TRUE. STORY. Just so in love with Jennifer Lawrence, her Oscar and future hook-up with Jack Nicholson, were both well deserved. Wouldn’t you agree?

As you all know I like to stay positive here on Little Miss Mama, no bashing, or degrading ensemble choices, BUT I can’t hold back on these two. If you’re Bradley Cooper mother, and he asked you to attend the Oscars as his date, don’t you think you would put on your very best? Best Dress, best jewels, best SHOES? What happened here? At first I thought maybe she slipped into these for comfort while her son did the many interviews down carpet. NO DICE, I saw her, front row, still wearing these metallic converse. REALLY?!
Then we go to Kristin Stewert. Why do I feel she chooses to always look like a “hot mess”. Her hair looks like she literally just rolled out of a steamy sex-scene from Twilight. Honestly what is with this look? Anyone have any answers for me? I’d love to hear them! Maybe it’s a publicity thing, they say positive or negative gossip is always good when you’re a celeb. Oh how I would crumble as a star! CRUMBLE. 


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