2017 Gift Guide: for the Homebody

There are two kinds of people in this world, one who loves a good night out, and the other who would much prefer a night in cozy and bundled in layers. I have a tough time deciding which side of the fence I fall on, I do love getting a sanity break every now and again, going out with friends, however give me the option and I’d probably say night in, with good snacks, a cup of tea and and a binge-worthy series on Netflix.

Do you have a friend like this? OF COURSE YOU DO, WE’VE ALL GOT A HOMEBODY FRIEND!

We’re excited to once again be featuring the best gifts this holiday for those that like a good relaxing night in. They make their house feel like a home and when you pop over unexpectedly, they’re always the most gracious of hosts… YOU OWE THEM! 

So, without further ado, I give you our second, of five 2017 Holiday Gift Guides…




Wrapping yourself up in a towel after the shower is good, but wrapping yourself up in a hug is better, and that’s exactly what you’re doing when you give a bathrobe to someone over the holidays. Make sure to give it the test of approval, extra cozy is ideal, take my word for it, I’ve tested this Microplush Robe from Sleep Country Canada and it’s perfect!

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Who isn’t a snacks person? Let’s be FRANK! Anytime is a good-time to get your snack on, and lucky for you and your friend, MunchPak has made a business out of it. They deliver snack boxes to your door each month with a collection of goodies from around the world. Let your friend know to get ready to go on a wild snacking trip, but they can keep their passport in your pockets.

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As your friend, if they don’t have to wear pants, what would they wear? GO AHEAD, ask them, I’m certain, should they be female, they will say leggings. Get them the best leggings they’ve ever put on and get hem some SweetLegs. I got a set last year over the holidays and still find myself ways to wear holly leggings in August and it be socially acceptable. CODE: LITTLEMISSMAMA GIVES 10% OFF UNTIL 12/31

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Is it weird to gift someone a single pillow, like this one? HECK NO! They throw it on the couch, mixed in with some of their own favorites and snuggle up with it each night being forced to think about your awesomeness. I’d say that was likely one of the best gift ideas ever; but then again you’re asking someone who’s given a single pillow before.

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If your homebody friend doesn’t have Netflix, let’s all take a moment to think about the sadness in all of this. WHO IN THE WORLD doesn’t have Netflix, let alone someone who loves a good night in vs a night out. You owe them Netflix, if not from you then from the world who knows how much they have been missing out on. And may I… include a card in your Netflix gift of series to start them off?

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You can tell a lot about a person based on their front door mat, wouldn’t you agree? Don’t let your friend be the neighborhood WEIRDO, after all they’ve done for you, dinner’s you’ve enjoyed, cups of tea you’ve sipped, fresh-baked cookies savored, it’s time you help them with their status with their neighbors. Get them a cute door mat already!

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Disclosure :: we have partnered with multiple companies included in this week’s 2017 Gift Guides. But as always, all opinions are 100% our own. Guides also may include affiliate links.


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  1. I love hot hot showers.

  2. Jeannie Lam says:

    I am definitely a bath person, but a lot of the time I only have time for a quick shower!

  3. Brenda Penton says:

    I am a shower person. I will take occasional baths to relax, but it is mostly showers for me.

  4. I am a shower person.


    My favorite Netflix show is Stranger Things

  5. Brenda Penton says:

    My favourite series on Netflix is The Crown

  6. Sarah Morris says:

    I’m definitely a shower person!

  7. NormaJane (NJ) says:

    SHOWER all the way. I use to like bubble baths but I lost that. Now life doesn’t give me the time for such luxuries lol So a quick shower is great!

  8. Nicole Jubleew says:

    The Crown and old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy are my current faves on Netflix.

  9. Nicole Jubleew says:

    I’m generally a shower person though I do love a nice long bath occasionally.

  10. Happy Valley is my favourite NetFlix series.

  11. Shower unless I have lots of time then a bath is lovely.

  12. My favorite show on Netflix(I have many though) is Riverdale!

  13. Sherry Van Der Heyden says:

    I love a long, hot, luxurious bath! It can be hard to get with a newborn and a 4 year old in the house.

  14. Sherry Van Der Heyden says:

    I love watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix!

  15. I am definitely a bath person! Nothing better than a nice relaxing bubble bath.

  16. I shower most of the time, but I do really enjoy a good bath to relax once in awhile.

  17. I am a shower person, only because I don’t have a tub. ☹

  18. My favourite series on Netflix in Gilmore Girls 🙂

  19. kristen visser says:

    we are loving Riverdale and Stranger Things

  20. I don’t get much tv time, but I would really like to watch Stranger Things on Netflix. Just need some time without the kids. 🤔

  21. Megan Larochelle says:

    My favourite Netflix shows is Orange is the New Black or Narcos

  22. I’m a shower person.

  23. My favourite show on Netflix is Thirteen. I hope there’s another season!

  24. Danielle Wilkes says:

    Definitely a shower person … I do not have time for a bath with 3 boys running around the house ! And who doesn’t love sweet legs!! They are my new addiction!

  25. Showers on most days but a nice relaxing bath is wonderful!

  26. Gilmore Girls is my favourite series.

  27. I prefer hot baths but getting into/out of the tub is a challenge these days so I mostly shower

  28. 90% of the time i’m a shower person, but a nice hot, long bath is always a nice treat.

  29. I loved This is Us on Netflix. Now to watch Stranger Things Season 2!

  30. Clair Palmer says:

    I’m a shower person, but I do like to take hot baths and relax once in a while

  31. I love this gift guide, it’s the perfect guide for the most wonderful time of year. All men should see this!!!!

  32. I’m a shower person

  33. Master of none is my current fav on Netflix

  34. For netflix i’m watching once upon a time and i’m looking at the crown next.

  35. Showers for me!

  36. I’ve been watching cheesy romantic Christmas movies lately…definitely a guilty pleasure.

  37. Karla Sceviour says:

    Wentwork was great! I watched them all with my hubby,,waiting for new shows to come on now! 🙂

  38. I am both. I shower in the morning but love a hot bath at night. Especially in the fall and winter.

  39. My favorite show on Netflix is Orange is the new black

  40. Carey Hurst says:

    For Netflix well the Trailer Park Boys esp their specials, can not wait for America tour this weekend will be binge watching

  41. Carey Hurst says:

    Have no choice but to be a shower person no bath tub in place, though I love baths but shower after since sitting in own filth is not appealing after the nice soak , so shower to get clean lol

  42. I am a shower guy but I don’t mind a good soak in the bath once in a while.

  43. Too many awesome Netflix series to pick a favourite, but I’m really loving “This Is Us” right now!

  44. Ashley Freck says:

    I love baths ! I can’t get enough especially when I am stressed !! My favorite Netflix show is bloodline!!

  45. Brittany j says:

    Definitely a bath person!

  46. Brittany j says:

    Right now I’m binge watching Wynonna Earp and loving it! I also really enjoyed lethal weapon

  47. Eva Mitton-Urban says:

    Favorite: Gosh there are three “Peaky Blinders”, “Riverdale” and “Ozarks”. Husband got me hooked LOL !

  48. Eva Mitton-Urban says:

    Bubble Bath in the evening/Shower in the morning.

  49. Lisa bolduc says:

    Shower… I took a bath last week after we got a new bathroom and it was the first friggen bath I had in over 10 years…… and I got a huge inflamed ear canal from it. On 2 doses of antibiotics.. . Don’t ask me how that happened. Watee in mt ear sucks Lol. Needless to I love my showers

  50. I am a bath person all the way

  51. Christine R says:

    I am definitely a shower person with 2 young kids running around!

  52. Lisa bolduc says:

    I am a suits fan on netflix

  53. I am watching Supernatural right now on Netflix

  54. Christine R says:

    I have been watching Once Upon A Time lately!

  55. I am a shower person

  56. Stranger Things is my favourite on Netflix

  57. I am a shower person but prior to my entourage (3 children) I did love my baths!

  58. Currently my favourite Netflix series is The Fosters

  59. Judy Cowan says:

    I love watching Nashville on Netflix, currently my favourite.

  60. Julie bolduc says:

    I love watching orange is the new black

  61. I am a shower person unless I am sick and then I go for the baths.

  62. My favourite show on netflix right now is Sense 8.

  63. Baaaaaaaaath!! Definitely.
    Little Witch Academia is my guilty Netflix pleasure! Super cute anime.

  64. For sure The Office!

  65. Michelle Policelli says:

    My favourite series on Netflix is Riverdale!!

  66. I am a shower person but I do love a hot relaxing bath once in a while.

  67. Ann-Marie Vaughan says:

    I don’t subscribe to Netflix, so I don’t have a favourite show.

  68. Riverdale!

  69. Love showers….I always turn the water to cold before getting out, super refreshing!

  70. Natalie Schilla says:

    I am a shower person

  71. Natalie Schilla says:

    My favorite is Orange is the New Black

  72. Kelle Shaunna says:

    Just finished watching Fargo and loved it!

  73. Robyn Bellefleur says:

    I am a bath person. I will take a shower when limited on time only.

  74. Just started watching Netflix and loving Orange is the New Black!

  75. Robyn Bellefleur says:

    My favorite series on Netflix is Supernatural.

  76. I was always a boath person until I had kids. Now I’m a shower person.

  77. I love watching The Office on Netflix and Ozark is my favorite Netfliz Original series.

  78. Showers! Everyday!

  79. Showers 100%!

  80. Fave on Netflix right now is…yeah, still 24, lol! I watch all the new stuff but keep going back and re-watching 24.

  81. I am a shower kinda of person

  82. right now I like riverdale

  83. I’m watching One Day at a Time on Netflix these days but my favourite one on there is Boys Over Flowers.

  84. Angela September says:

    my favs on netflix are THIS IS US and grey’s anatomy!

  85. kristen visser says:

    I am a shower kind of woman

  86. Maritess S says:

    I am a shower person with a bit of singing too.

  87. I follow Riverdale and Jane the Virgin.

  88. I like Stranger Things and The 100 and look forward to the new seasons. Thanks!

  89. I am definitely a bath person but like my showers too.

  90. bath

    don’t watch Netflix

  91. crystal porter says:

    I shower when I get ready for work, because it is quicker and I have to open a cafe very early.. but I am a bath person

  92. crystal porter says:

    I love stranger things!

  93. Birdie Colleen Trafford says:

    Love soaking in hot hot hot bubble bath , to ease away all my aches

  94. Birdie Colleen Trafford says:

    Love Riverdale on Netflix

  95. Lee-Ann Sleegers says:

    I’m actually split right down the middle.

  96. Lee-Ann Sleegers says:

    Outlander is my show of choice on Netflix!

  97. Lushka Smith says:

    Right now I’m watching Mindhunters

  98. BobbiJo pentney says:

    I sadly don’t have Netflix because I don’t have enough data

  99. BobbiJo pentney says:

    I am a shower person

  100. Shower….hot,hot shower

  101. right now i’m watching Brooklyn 99. its not new but its funny

  102. I like to watch Orange is the New Black

  103. I am a shower person usually but I do love a bath

  104. Sunshine H says:

    I don’t have Netflix….so I don’t know what’s on it. Stranger Things sounds fun though.

  105. Sunshine H says:

    Usually shower, then treat myself with a bath once or twice a month.

  106. Definitely shower

  107. It depends on my mood! Sometimes I love a good hot shower but sometimes I just want to soak in the tub!

  108. Most of the time I have a bath, it’s just more relaxing & calming to give me that time to clear my thoughts.

  109. My favourite series on Netflix is Anne (with an E).

  110. I am a shower person. My bath is too small for comfortable soaks.

  111. Sab Edwards says:

    I have to soak in a bath every night. I wear steel toed rubber boots and they are horrid.

  112. Jennifer P. says:

    I am a shower person, but I do like a relaxing bath a couple of times a month.

  113. Jennifer P. says:

    My favourite show on Netflix is Life in Pieces, it’s so funny! I also love Orange is the New Black and Stranger Things.

  114. I love stranger things.

  115. Oops I wrote the incorrect name in the YouTube name slot. Should read Krista Miller (not @MillerKrazy) Thanks!

  116. I like to take a shower to get clean,but I really LOVE xxx a nic hot bubble bath to soak in!

  117. I liked The Pinky Blinders on Netflix! It was a real eye opener.

  118. I prefer to shower for the speed and convenience. I occasionally prefer to take a relaxing bath.

  119. I wish I had the time for more baths! Sadly I’m mostly a shower person. And sometimes I am just a smelly person.

  120. My all-time favourite Netflix series is Gilmore Girls. Or Suits. Or Friends. I can’t pick just one!

  121. My favorite to watch on Netflix is Engrenages. I need them to add season 5 already! I am a shower person.

  122. Amanda Fontaine says:

    As a Mom of three I need to be in and out sssooo it is showers for me. But every once in awhile, I love to just lay in a hot bath to relax.

  123. Amanda Fontaine says:

    What do I LOVE on Netflix? Gosh there are a few.. Blacklist, Greys, Homeland, Quantico to just name a few… 😀

  124. Wendi Maroon says:

    Shower…can’t wake up without one!

  125. Trisha Musgrave says:

    I’m a bath person!

  126. Trisha Musgrave says:

    Stranger Things is currently my favorite on Netfix!

  127. shower for function, bath for relaxation!

  128. I like documentaries so I liked making a murderer

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