2017 Gift Guide: For your Mom Squad

You owe them your sanity; with you virtually (even if only by emojis) everyone of the 8 night feeds you were get up for, bringing you a coffee (that you didn’t have to make or reheat) on a rough day, and comforting you at those ugly feeling-like-you’re-never-doing-enough mom moments.

They’re your people, they understand you, they feel you, THEY’RE YOUR MOM SQUAD!

This is the first time we’ve included gifts from a mom, to a mom and we sorta’ feel GITTY about the whole collection. All very meaningful gifts that we know any mama, no matter what stage of motherhood, would love to recieve this Christmas Holiday.

So, without further ado, I give you our first, of five 2017 Holiday Gift Gides…


Nothing says “thanks for sticking with me throughout my crazy days” more than a monthly subscription to a box completely geared towards making your time-of-the-month enjoyable. Lets face it, after 2 kids aunt flow comes back with vengeance, and at this point ANYTHING that offers organic chemical-free fem-products, chocolate and a good face mask just before your time of the month is a total game changer; especially when it comes from a friend!

Check out Ellebox
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I mean, if I could gift good-hair-days, it would be my first choice, but the last time I looked in the mirror I wasn’t a 70-year old, gown wearing, godmother, so a hat is the next best thing. Slap a proud title on there, MAMA, and consider it the next best gift to a personal hair stylist living in your washroom.

Check out this Mama Hat via To: Little Arrow on ETSY


When was the last time you actually sent a photo to the printers? Who even has time for that anymore? DEFINITELY not your mama-friends! And this is why they would appreciate an Instax Mini 90 from Fujifilm.  Printing pictures instantly, they can cover that fridge of theirs in their cute little offsprings mugs, tuck one in their wallet, and make the most adorable little love notes for their kids lunches. What could be better?

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A tracker is a tracker is a tracker? NOPE. Not even a little. You guys the Leaf by Bellabeat is the only tracker your mama friend needs. Not only does it do what she wants, track her fitness, but it tracks her menstrual cycle, her sleeping patterns and even her stress levels, alerting and helping with meditation and guided breathing. It’s pretty much the perfect gift for any woman, anywhere. End of story.

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Baby #1 you tracked what she ate, when she slept, soiled herself, you got all the records. Baby #2, well they’re lucky if they get a nap between swim class and school pick-up. This goes the same for Milestones and big moments you hope to never forget, and that’s where Qeepsake comes in handy. They text you questions about your child, where you can reply, include stories and pictures and eventually end up with a collection of baby memories which they make into a gorgeous book for you. It’s genius, and yes a mom designed it.

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If it’s not a huge baby bag, then it’s just a wallet and that’s it… FREE AS A DAMN BIRD! Going out without the baby bag feels so exhilarating when it happens, but where, where do you put the keys (it’s taking you away on this sanity break), the wallet (for your Starbucks of course), and your phone (because if you don’t document the kid-free night, did it even happen). This Skipper Shoulder Pouch by Lug is pretty much the perfect go-everywhere purse for your mama friend. Small, cute and pockets for all their non-kid stuff.

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Disclosure :: we have partnered with multiple companies included in this week’s 2017 Gift Guides. But as always, all opinions are 100% our own. Guides also may include affiliate links.


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  1. kathy downey says:

    My favorite chocolate bar is a Kit kat,thanks for the chance

  2. Elaine Douglas says:

    i love my coffee crisp!

  3. kristen visser says:

    I enjoy quite a bit of chocolate lol. But one of my favorites is Guylian <3

  4. kathy downey says:

    Flipp and checkout 51 make my life easy when shopping and saves me a few dollars

  5. Mr. Big.
    I think it was the Wayne Gretzky commercials that got me hooked! Haha
    Did all the things! @rachetgrrl on Instagram and Twitter.

  6. Flipp and Evernote.
    Save money and a lot of reminders!

  7. The Flipp app is the best. Saves so much time and not having to carry flyers around

  8. My fave chocolate bar is Coffee Crisp!

  9. My favourite chocolate bar is Hershey’s Chocolate + caramel but my favourite chocolate during my period is anything super dark. My husband buys me a selection of dark chocolate every month at that time!

  10. Christine R says:

    My favourite chocolate bar is Mars bar!

  11. flipp makes my life easier

  12. I like Dairymilk…just the perfect smoothness IMO.

  13. I like peanut butter cups and milk chocolate cups more than bars. My favorite is Justin’s.

  14. My favorite chocolate bar Hershey’s cookie n cream.

  15. Fipp makes my life easier

  16. My favorite chocolate bar is coffee crisp

  17. The flipp app is my favorite.

  18. The app that helps me the most as a mom is Keepy, for keeping artwork and crafts, without actually keeping artwork and crafts. I’m a recovering clutterbug so I need encouragement to get rid of things.

  19. Hershey’s

  20. Julie bolduc says:

    I love kit kat

  21. Julie bolduc says:

    I can not live without the flipp app

  22. rachael grover says:

    my favorite is kit kat but the BIG kit kats 🙂

  23. Lana Savchuk says:

    This stuff looks amazing especially for holiday gift ideas

  24. Brenda Penton says:

    My favourite chocolate bars are Lindt classics.

  25. Heath bars are my fave!

  26. I honestly don’t use much for apps for kid stuff.. but I should!

  27. kristen visser says:

    I use the flipp app!! such a big help

  28. Karla Sceviour says:

    ohh,I love ALL milk chocolate,,I`m a chocoholic. One of my favorites is the herseys milk chocolate with almonds.

  29. I’ve been using an app called Baby Daybook and it has been super helpful for me to keep track of my tiny human in her first few months of life. My brain was and is such a foggy mess and it’s been far more helpful than i ever thought it would be.

  30. Tough choice on the chocolate bar front. I’m torn between a cookies and cream car and a mr big bar! They are both oh so delicious.

  31. I definitely crave chocolate big time once a month and my fave is Kinder Bueno!!

  32. Just started using the Flipp App and loving it so far!

  33. Sab Edwards says:

    OK my favorite chocolate bar is that white chocolate toblerone . The only app I can think of thats helpful to me is the alarm clock one, because I set it to 7…7:30 , 9:30, 11:30 LOL…so that I know how much time i have before I have to get out the door to work (I work a noon shift so lots of times I make supper before I go)

  34. one of my fav apps would be Flipp

  35. a favorite chocolate bar? hmm so many choices, I like to freeze caramilk bars and break off pieces when I crave chocolate

  36. Jessica Gilbert says:


  37. My kids’ schools uses the EDSBY app to share info and pics

  38. Maritess S says:

    My favourite chocolate bar is a BIG triangle of Tablerone.

  39. Melinda Jana says:

    love Coffee Crisp

  40. I often use Reminders when running errands and Flipp for shopping.

  41. don’t use any apps

  42. Lee-Ann Sleegers says:

    I’m a Coffee Crisp girl.

  43. Lee-Ann Sleegers says:

    When it comes to Christmas I like an App called Gift List!

  44. BobbiJo pentney says:

    My favourite Chocolate bar is Coffee Crisp

  45. I like Lindt Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt, yum.

  46. I love a Reese PB cup

  47. Fave chocolate bar is reese cups! Yum!

  48. My favorite chocolate bar is Coffee Crisp!

  49. Mr. Big is my fave!

  50. My favourite chocolate bar is anything by Lindt.

  51. my fave is reese peanut butter cup.
    unfortunately I can not get any more entries, no cell phone = no instagram

  52. Lindsay A. says:

    I like Theo chocolate bars!

  53. Snickers is my favourite chocolate bar. Always has been

  54. My favourite chocolate bar is a mint Aero bar. I love mint chocolate.

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