3 Uncommon Cold & Flu Season Remedies


I feel like I’ve been sick forever, a big exaggeration? Maybe, but in my defense it has been a while, I’ve been down and out for 3 weeks now and prior to that Sofia was out for 2 week, it’s like we tag-teamed in a boxing match with snotty and sneezy. It’s been the worst! 

Being stuck indoors has definitely played with our minds, that and our social life. I can’t even begin to tell you how hard it is to break plans with friends. Sofia and I look forward to our time with those that we love. We’ve probably pulled out on 6 or 7 playdates over the last month of which each one of them we’ve had tears. It’s tough to be a kid, but it’s even harder to be sick and feel like you’re missing out on fun adventurous afternoons with some of your favorites.

I’ve done my best to make each day as fun as it can be with crafts, games and baking but when all these things have to be enjoyed from either a couch, kitchen table or bed it can be trying at the best of times. This is why I’ve figured out 3 uncommon items I feel you need in your Cold & Flu tool kits, here’s hoping you never have to use it!

netflix-logo (1)Netflix Subscription
We all know Netflix can save your ass at the best of times, If not for the binge watching of your favorite series all in one night then for the rainy days you’re caught inside with a toddler, and the many-of sick days you’ll encounter when your kids hit daycare and school. I don’t take Netflix for granted for even a moment, we’ve got access to it anywhere we could be caught in a bind, from the televisions scattered around our home, to our tablets and laptop and finally our cell phone for random on the go emergency situations. Some may see it as an overkill but I prefer to call it being completely prepared in any situation, because as a Mother you have to be. 

//and encase you’ve not heard, House of Cards is back with a new season March 4th, Fuller House has launched 13 episodes this past Friday and Popples the series is live and it’ll bring you back to your childhood.


UntitledPineapple Juice & Bee Propolis
I get it, you’re sick, bring on the good stuff! However in our house we like to try to take as much as a natural approach as possible. Don’t get me wrong, our medicine cabinet has Tylenol, Advil and medicinal banana tasting cough syrup but these are usually used in a worst case scenario. Over the years we’ve found random disgusting products, some that work and others that just make you contemplate your life choices. But when you do find ones that work is feels worthy of a lottery win; Bee Propolis was one of those wins. It boosts your immune system with Vitamin B and literally cures a sore throat instantly, it’s almost magical how it works. We keep this in our cabinet both in a spray and drop form at all times, I can’t tell you how many times its saved us. Secondly Pineapple juice, random fact (I learnt from my cousin who’s a nurse), Pineapple juice is more effective than cough syrup, while it has anti-inflammatory properties it can also can fight off infection. So with this duo in your Cold & Flu tool kit you’re pretty much golden. 

IMG_6493An Understanding Husband;
I swear I hit the jackpot when I found Sammy (read the story here). He is all that I could ever want or need in a partner. He cares for Sofia and I is so many ways, physically, emotionally and financially, and goes above and beyond with very minimal complaining. This past month has been a whirl wind with Sofia and I putting up our dukes in this germ-wrestling match and Sammy has picked up all the pieces, keeping some normalcy in our lives as a family. He’s been cooking, cleaning, doing all the grocery shopping and laundry for the past month and done it with a smile. He wakes up with Sofia and lets me sleep in each morning as my nights are usually very short with this cough, he’s been taking her to school and then rushing home to get himself off to work all while asking “do you need anything” while I lay a mess on the couch. FOR REAL I feel like the luckiest person alive. I would, will do it for him in a heartbeat, and that’s why we make such a good team. An understanding amazing husband is something that’s always nice to have in the good ol’ Cold & Flu tool kit. 


I’M STARTING to feel a bit more like myself these days which means things are going to start getting back to normal around here. Thanks for all of your understanding and patients with me, I may or may not have a giveaway to bring you soon that you WILL NOT wanna miss! So excited about this one…

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