3 Ways to be a Stylish Mama


Naturally I find I gravitate to celebrity mama’s for fashionable inspiration. Although mostly photographed at special events, where comfort and ease is thrown out the window, I will scope out images taken from day to day, in most cases by the paparazzi, to get the celebrities  true style. I’m love seeing what their stylist put them in on the red carpet, but what I am really after is what they throw on to take their kids to school. Stylish, comfortable, and casually fashionable, this describes our celebrity mama’s today. 

With yesterday being mother’s day, I couldn’t help but gather some of my favorite celebrity mama’s and post about how to obtain style, effortlessly. It doesn’t have to be as complicated as you may think.   Remember style is personal, it doesn’t have to be busy, it doesn’t have to be eccentric, and it doesn’t have to be bold, it just has to be you. 


1. Accessorize 

An accessory is what will set you apart from the next. Jeans and a Tee is our team uniform, and that’s okay. It’s how we accessorize ourselves to obtain style that will turn heads. It doesn’t have to be something drastic, nor does it have to be “trendy”, it needs to be you. One of my favorite simple outfits “styled” with accessories, is jeans and a vintage worn-in tee, with a pair of loafers and my favorite set of pearls. 

2. Feature Focus

We all have a feature or features we love, so I say play them up! If you base your outfits to feature something you love about yourself, your steps you take will make that much more of an impact. A confident woman, is a beautiful woman, no matter what she wears. Find your favorite part of you, eyes, hair, waist, bust, legs, and “frame them” each and everyday you walk out the door. Wear something that shows them off, you will never regret an outfit that flaunts your best asset(s). But don’t forget mama’s, stay classy. 

3. Stay True

Trends come and go, it’s style that lasts a lifetime. Your personal style will change through out your life as you age, and as you go through life’s journey, that’s natural. What you want to do is stay true to yourself at the roots. Try seasonal trends and mold them to make them work for you and your body frame, but whatever you do, don’t adopt a fad to hang with the cool kids. Be yourself, wear what makes you smile from the inside out, and never let anyone change your style, based on their personal judgments. The only one who writes your fashion story is you.

Not quite a 4th point, but just some loving advice advice from one mama to another, always make time for yourself. Easier said then done, I know because I still struggle with doing this regularly. However feeling beautiful inside, shows more than you know on the outside. Don’t loose yourself just because you’re a mother, take 10 minutes each morning to beautify yourself however you wish. Whether it’s with make-up, lathering your skin in a scrumptious body cream, or simply styling your hair in your favorite way. Get your kids involved if leaving them alone is not an option. I do. Sofia Marie pats on my finishing powder and loves it. Anything to get that time to do what makes me feel fabulous. 


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