3 Ways to Wear Chambray

Chambray is one of those trends that can be worn in so many ways. Such a versatile fabric in anyone’s wardrobe, that if you don’t already have some denim love in your life, I would drop everything you’re doing and Go! Go! Go!

I have a few pieces of Chambray in my wardrobe, some in the form of a button-up shirt, and others just as added details. Either way you do it, it’s all good in my world of fashion. Find what works for you, don’t compromise on your own sense of style, but incorporate pieces of it, you might be surprised how much you love the look. I can’t tell you enough how often I reach for my denim shirt versus a cardigan on those days where you run out the door, baby in one arm and breakfast in the other.  It’s just so easy, and so right.

Here are 3 ways to wear chambray:

1. Dolled Up

Even though Chambray is most looked at in a cool, and casual sort of way, don’t toss it aside when you are getting dolled up to go out. It bodes so well tucked in or tied in a bow with a skirt. Here I have worn it with a red lace circle skirt, but it would also go beautifully with a simple or bold pencil skirt. Nothing beads being dressed up and still feeling comfortable. Am I right mamas?
Want to see the entire Denim Shirt and Skirt combo? See it here

2. Subtly Sweet

All over Denim not your thing? That’s okay, just add some detail and finishing touches with Denim. This tunic found on clearance {it must be said, since I only dropped $12 on it} it’s the perfect combination between “all over Denim” and “nothing at all”. The lite flowing Chiffon, softens the look of the stiff Denim and gives a sense of beauty and grace. Wouldn’t you agree.  
Curious what this entire outfits looks like? See it here

3. Casually Cool

Throwing a look together as your changing a baby, cutting coupons, and packing a diaper bag has yet to be deemed an Olympic sport, but it darn well should be! I find myself often grabbing for Jeans, a Tee, and a Cardigan, slapping on some of my favorite pearls and slipping into some easy flats, this is what I call my mama uniform. However changing it up and trading in a Cardigan for some Chambray button-up doesn’t have to be daunting, but will be oh-so-rewarding. I promise. 
Want to see the finer details of this entire ensemble, including incredible loafers? See it here.

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