5 Fruity Drinks for the Summer

Summertime is quickly approaching; in fact, faster than you can say “but I’m not ready for bikini season yet”! I couldn’t help be begin my big ol’ list of things I want to do, recipes I want to try, and beverages I wanna be sipping on. So without further more, let’s begin with my Top 5 Summertime Drinks:

1. Blackberry Lemonade

Get the recipe here

Lemonade is one of my ultimate thirst-quenching beverages of choice. Ice cold, tart, with a hint of sweetness. Ahhhh how I love Lemons… in anything really, drinks, desserts, as a main course. This lemonade sounds heavenly with the added bonus of Blackberries and the zest of an actual Lemon. Smart.  
{photo: my recipe magic}

2. Pomegranate Vanilla Sangria

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This sounds like all sorts of goodness. Pomegranate, Blackberries, Vanilla, topped with a sweet Red Wine, and chilled? I dare you to try and read this without your your mouth watering. 
{photo: how sweet eats}

3. Dole Pineapple Whips

Get the recipe here

I’ve heard, and seen the circulation of these knock-off recipes. People that strive to make it the same way as Disney Parks do. Well this Summer I will give it a whirl, and something tells me since I haven’t ever tried the real thing, I will be pleased as a peach success or fail. 
{photo: high heels & grills}

4. Blackberry Mint Spritzer

Get the recipe here

Mint makes everything pleasant in my world. The refreshing, magical, and scrumptious herb can do no wrong by me. Looking forward to trying this recipe packed with Blackberries, Mint, and Lime.
{photo: life tastes like food}

5.Watermelon Cooler

Get the recipe here

Can’t say I’ve sipped anything watermelon in my entire 29 years of living. Come summertime I cannot get enough of the fruit, however never thought to make a drink out of it. Until now, thanks to this fabulous recipe. Looking forward to many summer days sipping on these. 
{photo: mama’s got bake}

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