5 ridiculous reasons we got AC

1. tea all year long

I am an avid tea drinker, and if I’m not able to at least have one relaxing cup a day, I might loose my crap. No kidding! I need tea as much as Coco needs Chanel, as much as Louis needs Vuitton and as much as Joe needs Fresh. It’s that serious people.

Now with AC I can sip my tea and nobody gets hurt. 

2. wearing wool socks to bed

Preparing for bed should be a cozy process. And I will not let this go, not even in the scorching hot summer months, reaching 30+ degrees. I unload all fashion sense, and go straight for the linebacker sized sweats, construction worker wool socks, and a high school  beastie boys tee. The absolute opposite to what you will find in a Victoria Secret catalog, including the sex appeal.  

Now with AC I can bundle up every night without the risk of passing out.

3. keep my house clean

Do you wanna break a sweat vacuuming? I know I pay to attend a zumba class, to do pretty much the same thing, but I’d still rather it this way. I know myself well enough to know that I would use this as my number one excuse. “To hot to clean people”, if you’re coming to my house, socks and beer goggles are mandatory. 
Now with AC we stick to a comfortable routine of a thorough clean once a week, and no one gets sick. 

4. being the cool kids

Who doesn’t love the couple who splurged on the air conditioning for their home. Be their friends, and reep the benefits without going into debt. You can bet all your pennies that the summer time fun is held at our home from this year on. For us it means we never miss a party. EVER. If we do, it means someone got a spare key cut for while we were away. 
Now with AC we are the only option to party location.

5. keep my marriage together

Let’s be honest; a fight in the winter is far more calm than one fought in the summer. Sweltering heat does nothing positive for a couple in anger, nothing but add fuel to the fire that is. And cuddling in bed all year round is always a huge plus in my books
Now with AC our battles are far more minuscule than world war like.


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