Spring is nearly here {you wouldn’t think so however if you saw Vancouver right now} and I am feeling inspired everywhere I turn. So today, I shall share 5 things that get me giddy for the warmer season ahead. I do love the snow, probably not as much as Sofia Marie, but I do love the feeling it gives me when I am bundled up indoors, but I am ready for a little sun. Some warm weather and a Popsicle, I’m dying for a Popsicle.

1. a skirt with the twirl factor like this needs to be worn in the sun and ideally on my waist {here: http://popsu.gr/qreB}
2. because to me Karen Walker sunnies scream “I don’t give a damn” {here: http://popsu.gr/qrkX}
3. the shade, the cut, the back details, BRING ON THE SUN {here: http://popsu.gr/qroZ}
4. because this bracelets rosey hue makes me smile {here: http://popsu.gr/qrpl}
5. if I can yet to wear my two-piece to the beaches, then let their be a bikini shoe {here: http://bit.ly/1k5SqfU}

What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming warmer months?



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