50 Follower Goal – GIVEAWAY

…because it pays to follow in the cool crowd – didn’t you learn anything from High School?

I am going to keep the most part of it a secret, however I will be hosting a personal Giveaway once I reach 50 Followers. The only hint I can reveal is that the Giveaway could be inspired by any one of the items I love to Blog about….Tea? Maybe….. Fashion? Maybe….. Babies? Well I wont give you my unborn child – you weirdo! but the Giveaway maybe something for us Mama’s!

So if I may – ask all of you to spread the Love of Little Miss Mama fast so that we can get this Giveaway started! Oh and don’t worry – the Giveaway I had mentioned to you last week is an entirely different one – so this means 2 Giveaway are underway… QUICK – Follow Me! Follow Me! You won’t be disappointed!


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  1. Oh you know how to entice a crowd! I like the new blog Tairalyn and am so excited about your new little one! 🙂 You were such a sweetheart when I emailed you a few months ago, it’s such a treat for me to be a part (even if through blogging) of your journey to motherhood! So happy for you and can’t wait to see what you have in store for your loyal readers!

  2. So pleased to read your blog! You have quite a way with words, tea, fashion, soon-to-be-babies, and ummmmm cupcakes 🙂 xo Andrea

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