A DAY IN THE LIFE: A Working Mom

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Sunday was wild, and not in regular form. It had nothing to do with excessive meltdowns or a child who is refusing to eat, but everything to do with a runway show and changing a woman from one wedding dress to another in under 60 seconds.

Not sure if you all fully know, but I work on weekends at Isabelle’s Bridal, a Wedding Boutique in North Vancouver. My great friends Kasia and Basia purchased the store just over a year ago and I’ve been there as a Wedding Dress Consultant for the past 5 or 6 months. The Wedding Season is ramping up and beginning now and into the new year Isabelle’s will be apart of quite a few Wedding Shows and Fairs, with Sunday being our first. We not only had a booth taking appointments for consultations but we were apart of the fashion show at 1pm and again at 5pm.

The day was busy, and boy was it fast paced, and although I had a blast working along side my work family I missed out on a lot, and it hurts. You become a mother and your life changes in absolutely every way. For one it looks wildly different, but your priorities they change drastically. I missed a venture to the library that ended in taking home 19 books and 5 movies, I missed a visit to the pumpkin patch hunting down the bestest pimpled pumpkin, a lego tower competition, a coffee date with Sammy when Sofia was at her art class and most importantly time with my family on the weekend.

Work life balance is a struggle and quite possibly something I will probably never fully succeed at, but I’m okay with that. It’s accepting the fact of missing out on these moments that I need to be okay with. That may take some time.


** bear with me, all the images were taken on cell phones, and not the best quality. The clear ones are obviously from my Samsung while the others are from an… an… a phone that starts with a vowel. #justsayin **


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  1. Love the gorgeous photos! Some great eye candy if you have to be working! Work life balance can be a bit of a joke. You work, you live life, you try to be okay with it all. The fact that you get up to lots of fun adventures during the week with your daughter proves that you’ve got balance just fine. I also think that one on one time with the other parent is great for everyone!

    • This is all very true, the excitement of coming home for both me and Sofia is awesome too. I get home each day before she goes to bed, so I guess I have to look at the silver lining right?!


  2. Hey, my phone that starts with a vowel and it takes pretty clear pictures… are you sure the fuzzy ones aren’t from the Samsung? 😉

    • I assumed a kool-aid drinker would be on me about this. Trust you me, it was NOT from my Samsung 😉 Ha Ha #ikidikid


  3. There is no such thing as work life balance. Our child will always have our heart. We work so that we can provide them with a better future but we are also missing out a lot. We will just have to make sure that the time we spend with them is well spent. Quality vs Quantity. We choose between the lesser of the two evils. It’s modern day mom life. “Sigh”

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