The Emotional Side of Sleep Training


This is a good idea right?
Tell me we’re making the right decision for her?

YOU GUYS, day 3 is tough… and not why you might think!

Tonight Stella put herself down in 2 minutes, all by herself! Sammy put her into bed, wide awake and in 120 seconds, less time than it takes for me to steep a cup a tea, this kid was sawing logs with ZERO protest! She snuggled into her crib, found her cozy spot and drifted off to la la land ALL. BY. HERSELF. 

I can’t tell you how proud I am of this little stinker, 6 months and already putting herself to sleep with only 3 nights of training… I mean thres no stopping this kid! POTTY TRAINING by 9 months #ikidikid

Although tonight should’ve been about celebrating this little baby victory, Sammy and I can’t help but feel all the emotions with second guessing our decisions. I must remind myself that likely these feelings are coming from all the change that has gone on over the last 72 hours, but it still has us both feeling a little blue. Stella has moved out of our bedroom (which although it’s nice, it does feel a little empty), she no longer breastfeeds to sleep and has been put on a pretty solid schedule. All these changes although positive we’re are starting to struggle with.

Is it too early to do this?
Have we made the right decision for her?
Is she plotting an attack while we’re sleeping?

All valid points RIGHT?! I mean we both know that she needs a good nights sleep to grow up healthy and develop at a good pace, and as parents we need rest too, so in theory we know we’re doing right by her. But sometimes the struggle, the tears, the protest, it hurts, it hurts hard. Nobody likes to hear their baby cry, especially when it’s one they know they can mend with a simple touch, kiss, or snuggle. 

UGGGGG! You guys! This Sleep Training thing is serious business… 

I know we’re going to all be so much better off when the 10 days are up, but MY GOODNESS Day 3 is tugging hard on our heart strings! Reaching out for some support, send your strength please… WE NEED IT more than ever right now. 



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