9 ways to style the Sam Edelman Pump

I pretty much won the lottery, in the eyes of a shoe-lover anyways. I was asked to be ShoeMe Canada’s Ambassador for the month of December. Creating 9 outfits around 1 pair of shoes. Daunting never the less, when I knew I was working with Sam Edelman Pumps, I knew this was going to be easy peasy.

Sam Edelman designs a gem and spiked pump, that has shoe lovers everywhere wishing that money grew on trees. Not because their shoes are over-priced, but because you’re going to want one in every shade, open toe and closed, satin, leather and patent. They are that amazing lovelies… that amazing!

I have come up with 9 ensembles that pair oh-so-well with these gorgeous pumps, when you start your outfit with a shoe, skies the limit really. I would almost say anything goes (I tried my snowflake pyjamas on with them… and in fact they don’t bod well…. even when you pair your night time cozies with Sam Edelman pumps, it’s still wrong to wear in public}!

Tell me lovelies… what’s your favorite look? Vote below…

Look #1

Look #2

Look #3

Look #4


Look #6

Look #7

Look #8

Look #9


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  1. Oh why oh why can’t I vote more than once!? I love love love these looks, T – No. 3 & No. 5 made me squeal with delight, but there’s also something to be said for snakeskin or leather pants with a spiked heel! Bravo <3

  2. Yes.. too hard to pick! But I do especially love #3

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