A DAY IN THE LIFE: Sofia & Max

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It feels so rewarding to get family together under one roof successfully, but even more so when it’s between little people that will forever cherish these memories when they grow up. Sofia and her youngest cousin, baby Max {a name that I’m sure he’ll grow to just love} had a great day together this past weekend. The stars aliened and there was a double rainbow sleepover at Nana and Papa’s  house Friday night. Fun was had from morning to night and lucky for me a camera was clicking at all times. Between me and my mama we snapped shots through out the entire day, minus meal times because I would hate for Sofia to see baby Max school her in eating, but all the important parts of the day was caught in stills.

Sofia learnt that baby Max loves to share, but not when it comes to his crew of Elmo’s. She learnt that “mine” is one of his new favorite words and he’ll use it when he wants, where he wants, even if it’s a false statement. While MJ eats more than she, both in quantity and array, she knows he does have his limits to aug-wa feedings and does not like moo-moo the way she does. She loves to carry him everywhere he’ll let her including places he won’t, and drive him around until he dozes off, which Nana says means it’s nap time. She’ll gladly share Papas lap with him as long as she gets to choose the literature, and when he wakes in the morning she promises be the first to say good morning on the baby monitor.

These two share a special bond and should either of them need a reminder, this post is there to serve that purpose.



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  1. Very cute pictures! Family is everything.

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