a womans cycle: levels of attraction

A woman’s cycle can and has been compared to a emotional roller-coaster. However pay close attention to the insanity, and you will see that this monthly amusement park ride comes along with some wacky sense of attractions. I have paid more attention to this over the last few months, for the sake of this post of course, and come out with a clear verdict. Each week our sense of attraction changes, and mine look like this. 

Week 1: Thinks he’s all that, and a bag of Doritos… and I couldn’t agree more! 
Week 2: Prettier than me…. will you marry me?
Week 3: Out on bail? Yes Please! You only have 1 week in my books anyways. 
Week 4: I don’t know why, but you have fooled my eyes into thinking I need you.

Lucky for me, I married a man that is all the above. Confident, Beautiful, Jerkish, and Hot. Odd combination when written on paper, but the perfect fusion for pretty little me. Our monthly cycle brings many fabulous things from erratic behavior, to no longer fitting into our skinnies… let’ be reminded that they also bring us babies! Something tells me that if it hadn’t, we would forego this being a woman thing – if we could!



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  1. I’m totally a week #1 girl. I only like cocky confidence if he is a nice guy and I sure love Gerard Butler.



  2. sweet so you have a guy that can be all these things and you literally just gave him a to the date calendar on who to be when!! I expect you shall see many a fun night in your future! lol 😀

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