A year gone by…

{…what I wore in attendance to last years Top Blogger Event // photo taken by Erika Scott Photography}

It’s been one year since I was deemed a Top Mama Blogger thanks to VancouverMom.ca, pretty incredible how the time has passed so quickly. It felt like only yesterday I was rubbing shoulder with the best of the best, and now I get to call them all my friends. 

You see after that night, something amazing happened. Not only was I accepting such a fabulous award that I knew would change my blogging career, but one of my grand ideas came together in the best sort of way. I suggested we create a Top Mama Bloggers Facebook Page to keep us all connected, besides if we were the best of the best, we could do some serious damage if we stuck together as a clan.  Right? We did exactly that.
One year ago I became apart of a group of mama’s that I only knew on a blog name basis, and today I call them my friends, some even my best friends. I couldn’t even begin to thank VancouverMom.ca enough for what they have given me, however this is my attempt at exactly that. 


From play-dates to blog trains, to cooking classes {here and here}, family photoshoots, and picnics in the park. I am one lucky woman to call all these ladies friends of mine. Here’s to another amazing year together as friends, bloggers, and mama’s!

Now, since an entire year has passed, a new group of amazing Top Mama Bloggers is underway. The names have been selected, and here is where you can vote.  Wanna join in on the fun? Join us in celebrating the Mama Bloggers of VancouverMom.ca at our Glam Event on June 19th, many if not most of 2012’s Mama Blogger, along with myself, will be in attendance, there to celebrate the new year of Top Mamas. Buy tickets here, you won’t wanna miss it. 


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  1. Thank You for getting us together on Facebook!!rhat was so brilliant!!

  2. I love that dress, especially with the striped jacket

  3. LOL I remember our drunken tweets that night about having to get everyone together somehow 😀 *sigh* goodtimes can’t WAIT for this year 😀

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