About Me

I’m a sweets person, a spur of the moment person, the kind of person who has a love hate relationship with Reality TV.
I’m a loud person, I’m a proud person, the kind of person who changes an outfit 8 times before walking out the door.

I’m a pedicure person, a dramatic story teller, a person that takes the word loyalty seriously.
I’m a person who loves, to be loved. Surrounds themselves with family and friends because they are what make my life so warm.

I’m a true believer that Mondays should not exists, your birthday should be celebrated all month long, and Christmas should be a feeling you can bottle up.
I believe that calories can go to hell in a handbag, along with contract small print, garden weeds and single pane windows.

I only drink Tea from fine china, and believe your dreams should always scare you. A true believer that perseverance will one-day pay off.
A confident woman who refuses to let her style fade with her new title; mother.

When did you start Blogging?
May 2010

Where do you call home?
Vancouver, British Columbia

Who takes your photos?
A brilliant combination between my husband and my tripod. Both very good at what they do, one just makes me smile more than the other.

What size are you?
My size varies as most women can find. Depending on where I am shopping, I fit into sizes ranging from 10 to 12 or Medium to X-Large. Not only does it vary from designer to designer, but it also seems to change during the holiday seasons too. However something tells me though this could also be avoidable.

Where do you shop?
Better worded as “where don’t you shop”. Some of my favorite stores are Forever 21, Dorothy Perkins, H&M, Target, Joe Fresh, Suzy Shier, RW & Co., and Old Navy. However I find I shop more online, places like Beyond the Rack and HauteLook offer time sensitive sales on Designer Brands that make purchasing high end pieces within reach for a girl like me.

Are you married?
Yes, how could I say no to a man so perfect? If you’re interested in hearing about out “once upon a time” stop by here.

What is your favorite form of fashion?
I whole heartedly believe accessories are what make you an individual. If we’re all going to shop at the same stores, and follow the same seasonal trends, then we are all going to need a little style to stand out the crowd. This is why I always invest in accessories that draw me in, that make me want to get ready in the morning. As a mother, accessories are what will set you apart. Jeans and a Tee daily is a-okay in my world, as long as you accessorize different each time. You’d be surprised what us mothers can get away with, running on no sleep.