Accessories every mother should have…

4 must have mama accessories

I swear the accessory was made because a mother wanted to stay chic without having to spend hours in her wardrobe. The accessory should really be every mama’s go to as far as I am concerned. It’s simple pieces like a scarf and bangles that can change a your average jeans and tee into a chic walk in the park. If your looking to amp up your wardrobe, stop flipping through the sweater racks and make your way over to the accessories bins. Scarves, Hats, Glasses, and Hair Accessories will change your outlook completely of what an outfit should consists of. 
Scarves: A circle scarf has grown to be my favorite. Never falling off while tugged or pulled at, and still looking to be in the same place you wanted it by the days end. The perfect accessory for winter and fall I’d say. 

Hat: Bad hair day, roots, or just one of those morning! Throw on a hat, but not one that looks like your covering up your faults, a hat that looks like you paid just as much for it as you did your mortgage. It doesn’t actually have to cost that much, just stay with the existing trends {wide brimmed, baseball, embellished toque} and look after it. Keeping care of your accessories is key to be able to spend less on them but looking like you paid more.

Glasses: Sunglasses and fashion glasses are one of my most favorite thing in the world. Changing the entire feel of an outfit, while adding a confident and fun presence. I find glasses to be a way to express myself easily and simply, finding a style that suits my look for the day and throwing them on before I dart out the door. Sofia also thinks it’s pretty fun that her mama can still play dress-up at 30 years old. I’m going to be the “coolest mom ever”.

Hair Accessories: Very much so specific to your style, but a perfect accessory to add finishing touches to a yet simple, thrown together look, us mama’s are forced to sport most days. Hair accessories can vary from bowed head bands, to funky head wraps, to jewels pins. Let yourself go wild and have fun with this. It’s one thing your toddler will rarely pull for. What they can’t see as a toy they won’t bother with.  


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