Alice in Wonderland Un-Birthday Party

Last year for my 27th Birthday I decided to have a Un-Birthday Tea Party. Yes, just like Alice in Wonderland and yes I did say my 27th Birthday. Your only as old as you feel.
The Tea Menu went on for days and days, my guests were spoiled… thanks to my good friends over at Boston Tea Company. As for the Menu, it was girly, dainty and of course full of fun:

Tea Sandwiches
Prosciutto & Fig Butter

Cucumber & Cream Cheese
Chicken Currey Salad
Raisin, Goat Cheese and Pecans
Loafs, Scones & Sweets
Mini Banana Bread Loafs
Raisin Scones with Devonshire Cream and Jam
Fresh Fruit
Jelly Belly
Tweedle Dee Birthday Cake
Mushroom Cupcakes

This type of Event Planning run through my blood the way sugar does during a Girls Night Sleep-Over. Just looking at the photos again make me all gitty again – even more so excited about doing something just like this for baby Sofia’s Birthdays in the future!


Photo Credit thanks to the ever so beautiful, Jennifer Kirk, from

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  1. Oh my… that looks SO fun!! My daughter’s birthday is in December (poor girl) so I have been looking at ideas for when she gets older to have an “unbirthday” in the summer. Great ideas, loving every detail!!

  2. Thanks Lindsay!!!
    Your never too old for an Alice in Wonderland Un-Birthday, I sure hope you do have one for your lil girl. Make sure you tell me after so I can come see how much fun you had 🙂


  3. omg SO CUTE!!!! Love the photos …pinning 😉

  4. girl!!!!! that was fabulous! looks just out of a magazine. you all look fantastic! 🙂

  5. love. love. love!
    so creative and fabulous!
    chach + nellie

  6. i love this party!! it is gorgeous and looks like so much fun. i want one! 🙂

    and what wonderful friends to get all dressed-up and into the spirit of things. LOVE.

  7. wow! my name is Alice and i have never done this, looks amazing! i definatly nees to try it, love tea, love cupcakes, love costumes and all together surely rocks!

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