…and we’re back!


I feel like I’ve gone for a long while. I mini-vacation that was not known to myself nor all of you. Shame on me, I think I’ve been gone for a total of a week and I’m pretty sure it hurts me more than it does all of you. Pulling out some of my one liners that I learnt in motherhood 101. Do you forgive me yet?! DON’T WORRY I’m back and boy do I ever have some fun in store for you this year. I’m dreaming… dreaming bigger than ever before. Are you ready?

5 things that I would like for myself this year

1. more time spent on health
2. more water consumed
3. more ME time {this better be on every mother’s must do list for 2014}
4. less time worrying what others think
5. more love for me now, not who I want to be be the years end

5 things that I would like for my family this year

1. a vacation or two {I’m allowed to dream}
2. less stress, more fun
3. a few impromptu mini getaways {whistler, okanagan, victoria, seattle}
4. less looking behind and more looking ahead
5. all good health

5 things that I would like for Little Miss Mama this year

1. more connecting with readers {it’s so fun meeting local fans, I think I am more excited when this happens}
2. helping more woman with their “cries for help
3. going to my first blog convention
4. more DIY’s {beauty, fashion, motherhood and babe crafts — I want it all}
5. love; more readers, more love. I want more LOVE

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