Another FIRST for Sofia :: Library Card

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Another milestone was met on Tuesday and you’d better believe I brought my camera. Then again I go to the grocery store with my camera in tow, so it makes no difference I guess. YES. I’m that mother!

The morning felt like a great Library day, relaxed, low-key, and a weather report that expected to bring thunder showers. So my plans for a backyard play day including a water table and bed sheet pee-tee had been put aside. But I was not too worried about it, a day making memories at the library sounded just as sweet.

In the morning, over breakfast, I explained how a library worked; you’ll get your very own card to borrow books on. You’ll go searching the rows and rows of childrens books and movies they have waiting for you and choose some to take home. You’ll then give the librarian your card to check them out. It’s so much fun, it just like how mommy and daddy use a credit card {bad explanation right, yeah let’s connect credit cards with having fun. #parentfail}. Once we’ve taken them home and read them until we’re blue in the face, we will return them so another child can borrow them. Then once we return them we can get some new ones. Cool Eh!

…ummmm mama?! i don’t wan’t cereal with milk.

Fantastic, I’m glad she enjoyed my library explanation; TO THE LIBRARY WE GO! We arrived, she was ecstatic, even after her lack of excitement over breakfast. The librarian was exactly the way I had hoped; sweet, soft spoken, the perfect glasses, and just as excited as I was that Sofia was meeting a milestone. She explained to Sofia how a library card worked, I nodded making it seem like this concept was old news for me, however to be perfectly frank I’ve not seen the insides of a library in probably 20 years. So I soaked in all the rules like it was my first time too. Once we were allowed to go Sofia ran straight for the kids section, but not without noticing a section of computers with mini chairs. We sat, we played, then we made our way to the books. She picked 6 books, we read them all together in fun cozy swirly chairs, she then decided to put 2 back and leave with 4 {sorry mini pets and the giving tree, you didn’t make the cut. I’m sure you’ll make another child very happy another day}.

It was a success and I am one proud mama; another milestone met.
Tell me, when did you get your child’s first library card?


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