Baby Beauty Routine…

…. based on the title, betcha came here hot and ready to ‘rip a stip’ off me for putting make-up on my 10 month old. Common lovelies, since when did I say you could call me a ‘pageant mom’…. gimmi another year and then maybe I will deserve this title!

What I’m really here to talk about is how to keep a Beauty Routine when you’re a mother. Sounds like a simple task… put baby down, ask her to stay, shower, shave legs, paint nails, apply face and retrieve in the same spot you left her…..bNow that you’re back from laughing so hard you pee’d a little? Welcome…. since having Sofia Marie I have nailed down a Beauty Routine that has me always leaving the house feeling fresh, beautiful and alive. Three things not all mother’s feel most days. I honestly believe that with these 5 simple steps, you will be strutting your way out the door feeling like a million dollars. All while sporting your most beautiful accessory of all… your babies!

Here are 5 ways to tackle a Mama Beauty Routine

1. Cuddle and Refresh
I find when Sofia Marie first wakes, I am able to get my morning cuddles in bed for about 15 minutes – then I sneak away to our en-suite bathroom, letting her finish the Cartoon while I put my face on. Literally. Wash, Cream, Prime, and on to my 5 Minute Make-Up Face. All while I keep my eyes on her, a Win Win for all involved. 

2. The Five Minute Face
Unless you walk the red carpet daily, a 5 minute natural face is all you need. I go as simple as Cream, Foundation, Blush, Mascara. That’s it that’s all. Keep it simple, natural and beautiful. Their are some fabulous 5 minute face tutorials on youtube, but this is my favorite by the ever so gorgeous and mother of 4 Kandee Johnson:

3. Conceal with Green
Simply put… buy an incredible concealer. You’ll need it those days that rest just wasn’t possible. If I look in the mirror and look rested I can trick myself into feeling this way. Mind over matter baby! Mind over matter. The concealer I bought also have a ‘green magic cream’ as I call. Its fantastic for any reddish areas on your face as I have on my cheeks and sides of my face. It makes a huge difference if you apply prior to putting your foundation on. Here is the duo I have, purchased locally for about $12 at Shoppers Drug Mart.

4. Overdose on Aqua
Now, this may not seem like a Beauty Routine… but here is how I squeeze it into the mix. I drink enough water that keeps my face and body clear. I feel great, my skin looks great and this just adds to my overall being and feeling day in day out. Even without much sleep, I look rested thank to water…. and concealer!

{not going to lie, silk sheets make you do weird things… I suggest just getting the pillow cases}

5. Silk Dreams
Silk Sheets is not only luxurious feeling when your smuggling into bed, but its also very smart. Your head rests, or doesn’t rest much thanks to a teething baby, while laying on a pillow case. Make that a silk pillow case and you’ll find your hair to be in much better shape, and form, when you wake. An absolute must for my curly haired beauties out there, but also very valuable for everyone in between. Your head is constantly moving all night, while it moves positions on a cotton case it mats and frizzes our hair, however lay down on a silk case and you’ll notice far less breakage, frizz and fuzzing in the mornings. It will take you no time at all to look paparazzi ready.  

My favorite products at the moment if you are dying to know are:
Primer: Avon’s MagiX Face Protector
Green Cream & Concealer: Physicians Formula Concealer

Foundation: Annabelle SkinTrue
Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash

I find that Tea is another thing that makes my day go that much smoother, however not everyone is as addicted to Earl Grey as I am, so I left that out. But I always make sure that while I’m putting on my face, I’m sippin’ from my finest china…. makes me feel important and worthy of the time I spend on myself!

Anything I missed lovelies? I would love to hear what you mama’s do to get yourself out the door and feeling good. Don’t keep it a secret… It’s not nice… your nose might fall off. So my mother told me! Only Kidding….. Just tell me!


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  1. Silk pillowcases are also gentler on your face’s tender skin so you have fewer lines on your face in the morning. (but you are a few years younger than me, so maybe you do not need to worry about this yet 😉

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