Baby Name Change?!

Thinking we should have chosen a name a little more suiting for our baby girl, like perhaps Heartbreaker? What do you think? Worth the cost of a name change with the government? I wonder what they would say if we came to them with this outrageous request?

Went for a walk at the park yesterday and I saw this little grassied area that was asking to be photographed… that and a baby who loves having her picture taken. Seriously this kid is a natural born photo-bomber. She loves to be in pictures and then later look at them on the computer. I’ve created a monster I know… I’m lucky if she only ends up monstrous, could be worst – love the attention so much she could end up a Kardashian. 

Happy Saturday Lovelies…
What are you doing today? May I suggest using your children as photo props?


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  1. So cute! She has such beautiful eyes. Heartbreaker is definately fitting 😀

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