Baby Shower Cake Disasters

I don’t know if these Bakers deserve a Cake themselves for their stupidity, but maybe an assistant who can help with design concept and proof reading. Which ever the case is – we get to enjoy the final product and lets hope I don’t add another to the long image list after my own Baby Shower!
{Congratulations on what? Baby to be… I don’t know about you but if something can kick that hard its more than just a “to be”} 

{Wow, really? a Baby Riding a Carrot? Then again if that’s Chocolate Cake then I have nothing to say}

{I don’t think this really needs much of a comment

{I’m surprised they stopped at just a open belly…heck where is the scalpel, guts and dripping blood}

{I can appreciate this one… its just plain funny}

{Really? It’s of Boy…their was nobody at the Bakery that day to help with the script}

{This might be my favorite… reminds me of the image I sent my cousins today… 19 Weeks Chubby}

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