Baby Shower Invitations – THE MADNESS!!!

How the timbit got there, is still a mystery – don’t judge~ 

So – I don’t know if it’s my mind that goes wild about Stationary, Design and Theme – or if it’s this way for everyone. But its taken me over 2 weeks now to choose many favorites off ETSY  and now it down to be taking inspiration from what I love most of all of them and making my own. I guess its because I couldn’t quite find something JUST RIGHT! And by “just right” I mean I just couldn’t decide on which one I liked best.

So the day comes that I am getting the nitty-gritty decided, the dates, the time, the theme and most importantly what we are going to eat! Just thinking about it makes me hungry – or maybe thats just pregnancy that makes me starving every given point of the day? Be right back, I’m going to get my Yogurt and Berries now… 

*everyone wait patiently*

Now that my cravings have been satisfied – back to work I go. I think the invitation is on DRAFT 6 or 7. Fonts I believe are what takes the time. Getting just the right font is so important. It really can make or break the concept. I always go to and download and bunch and try them all out with the design – whatever looks best, I choose. 

Alright – back to work on the invite – I need to get this done by the end of the weekend! With what is on the timeline for this Saturday, Sunday, Monday {thanks to the long weekend} its going to be a very very difficult task.

Anyone of the other Mama’s out here make their own Baby Shower Invites? 



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  1. My friend threw a shower for me … we made our own wedding invitations though!

    Connecting through Mom Bloggers Club!
    Congratulations on your soon to be!

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