Baby Shower Prep…. Pink, Pink and more Pink

The Baby Shower has come and gone and what an Event it was. Exactly the way I had imagined plus more. All my most favorite people there to share in the fun and love for the afternoon. Enjoy these few shots of the preparation that me and my Mama slaved over the week before the Event. 

Watch out for the next set of images… the Baby Shower of course!

Baby Showers Favors | Sofia Marie – Sweet like Berry Pie
Baby Shower Parfaits | Vanilla, Strawberry Yogurt with Fresh Blueberries
Baby Shower Cake Pop | Dark Chocolate Mint Pops dipped in Sprinkles, of course! 

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  1. Looks beautiful!!! That parfait looks delish!!!

  2. all looks great and yummy!

  3. I may not be pregnant anymore, but all that yummy looking food is still making me hungry…

  4. Darling!

    xo Kristle

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