Baby Update | 40 Weeks plus 2 days

The past 48 hours has been trying… to say the least. 

I had a doctors appointment yesterday, thinking that we were going to go in and see some small progress and possibly a little light at the end of the tunnel….  she says to us, that she can no longer feel her head engaged in my pelvis. WAIT. WHAT?!? We were not really setting ourselves up for anything but positive news going into the appointment. Our OB booked us in for an emergency ultrasound to see if Baby Sofia Marie decided to go breech on us. FAB-U-LOUS! With loads of anxiety flowing through our home, I sure wished they could have fit us in a lot sooner than 29 hours after our Doctors appointment. Either which way, we have come and gone and the verdict is in. 

Baby Sofia Marie is a good girl, she is still head down, face down, and in the ready position. Why our doctor could not feel her head must mean she is just yet to engage herself good into the right area in my pelvis and we have a few more days ahead of us of waiting for her arrival. Something tells me we will be doing lots of walking over the weekend with hopes to get her as low as we can, avoiding Induction Day on September 16th if we can. 

Today may not have gotten us an exact date of when we can snuggle her, but what we have gotten confirmation on is her sweet little face. Sammy and I could pick out exact features that she has from us both. She has a sweet indent and dimple on her chin, after her mama…. She has beautiful full lips, no doubt after her daddy… and her nose is a for sure her Mama’s nose, small round and sorta pushed up {perfect for her label loving ways…. I’m thinking Gucci}.
We were so happy to see her again, but of course it just gave us both more excitement mixed with some anxiety. Is it just too much to ask that we see her now?! We just wanna cuddle and squeeze and love her. Boy of boy this waiting game sure is torture. 


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  1. You are so close. Before you know it, your sweet, precious baby girl will be in your arms. And then you won’t be able to remember life before her. Good luck–you’re going to do great!

  2. She’ll be here soon, I promise.

    As someone who has been induced. Ask for cervidil instead of pitocin. Cervidil is like a mini tampon infused with super-sperm like medicine (thats how my dr described it to me) and all it really does is ripen your cervix. Where as pitocin kick starts contractions. I did cervidil and was happy with it.

    Good luck and fingers crossed that you won’t have to be induced!! COME BABY SOFIA MARIE!!!

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