Baby’s FIRST Tooth

My baby girl cut her first tooth this past week. I don’t know who was happier, Sofia Marie, or her daddy and I. We have all been oh-so ancy for this first one to cut through. Doctors have been telling us she has been teething since she was 1 month. My guess is it’s just something they can blame random symptoms on, so that first time parents like us, don’t worry. 

Another Milestone concurred means another reason for a fun photoshoot with my baby girl. This time it was just me, her and Oral B. To all you mama’s out there, when did your babies cut his first tooth? 


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  1. About 5 months for the first one and then every 3-4 weeks for a while after that!! What a cutie pie/adorable pix!!.

  2. She is a beautiful baby!

    xo Jennifer

  3. dawwww! what a totaly cutie! 🙂

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