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Today’s Back-to-School Series is brought to you by Little Miss Mama and Triple Flip

By a raise of your virtual-hands, who’s nervous about how much money is going to be spent on this years back-to-school; and who’s stressed about the fact that perfectly good clothing that your children already own is going to be deemed “no suitable for this years school year” or plain and simple it’s been grown out of.  As a child, back-to-school for me was all about the fashion, I had no problem reusing school supplies from the years gone past, but when it came to my clothing I had very specific ideas in mind on how I wanted my school year to look while I walked down the halls.

Triple Flip is doing something amazing, I knew I had to share, they’re running a campaign called “designed to grow, designed to last”. It’s where you can bring in your child’s outgrown Triple Flip clothing into a store nearest you, where they will donate these pieces to the woman’s shelter and in return you get 10% off your purchases. More information here:



Designed to Grow, Designed to Last is a program about girls helping girls. Every girl has to part with her favourite outfit at some point, because she outgrew it. Imagine the feeling of being able to pass on that cherished piece to a girl who can love it and enjoy it for a few more years. Especially when that girl would otherwise have nothing to start the school year off, with something that fits and feels this good.

Triple Flip stores across Canada will accept much loved, outgrown, ready-to-wear Triple Flip clothing for the entire month of August, and put them in the hands of women’s shelters and select community charities so that they can reach girls age 6-12 years old in time for the first day of school. In return, donors will receive 10% off their Back to School purchase at Triple Flip, and the feeling that they have been responsible for putting a smile on a girl’s face. And that’s a feeling we can all flip for.

I love it when large companies, like Triple Flip, come up with campaigns like these that not only make our lives as parents easier, but also rewarding, a feeling of giving and making a difference in the world. Triple Flip is showing you this school year that giving and receiving go together like peanut butter and jam, salt and pepper, like mother and daughter.


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Have you begun your back-to-school shopping yet for the year? Has you daughter or son made a list of what they would like come their first day back? I can only imagine what Sofia’s will look like, for if she is anything like her mother it will including lists and magazine clippings.  

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