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Back to school preparation guide
From pencils to textbooks, uniforms to lunchboxes, the back to school rush is a hectic time for any family. Whether you have one child or five, the key to having them ready to learn in the new term is preparation. This year, avoid the September madness with this simple preparation list. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing your little ones are ready for all of the fun and challenges a new term can bring.
Fun filing
The amount of work sheets and paper children are sent home with can be little daunting, regardless of whether they’re in primary school or completing their A-levels. Make sure the paperwork is easy to find later down the line with a fun filing system. There are a wide range of funky colours and patterns available on folders, so teach them the benefits of colour-coding straight away. Why not go green for homework, red for class notes, and purple for handouts?
Don’t get caught out the night before a school project is due. Stockpiling plenty of arts and crafts items in bulk saves money, and steers your family clear of any school project disasters. Items to keep in stock are colourful sheets of cardboard, plenty of permanent markers, and maybe some glitter or craft decorations.
Fashion forward
Finding school uniform accessories that kids are happy to wear can be a bit of a challenge, particularly for teenagers. When purchasing school shoes, it can be particularly tricky to find a balance between adhering to school uniform policies and finding footwear that children feel confident and happy about wearing. The classic Littlewoods Kickers schoolshoes range strikes a nice balance between fashion and comfort, even for the fussiest child.
Luxury lunchboxes
If you have a son or daughter who is a notoriously fussy eater, half the solution might be in the presentation. Nearly all school children eat in a group, and the lunchtime experience can be a bit of a culinary fashion show. If you’re a busy parent, take a bit of a shortcut by selecting a fun and funky lunchbox style that your child will be proud to show off.  For teenage girls, why not go for a lunchbox in a pretty purse design? There’s also a great range of cooler bag styles with separate sandwich compartments to keep lunches and drinks cool and fresh during the summer months.



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