Battle Baby Bulge: MIA


I disappeared for 3 weeks. Bad right?! Well damn it…my best excuse is I’m a mother! This seems to get me outta sh*t every time…. did it work? I’m only kidding, I have been beyond busy and my life just has not let me focus. I will do my best to never leave you again BBB, I will do my very best. Cuz lets be honest the only person I can letting down is me…. well me and Kaitlin and Tanya! Sorry ladies… LOVE YOU!

WEIGHT | 193.8lbs on December 9th

November 5th: 193.4lbs
October 28th: 194.4lbs

October 21st: 194.2lbs
October 14th: 195.2lbs
October 7th: 196.2lbs
September 30th: 197.4lbs
Total Weight Loss = 3.6lbs 

MEASUREMENTS | Waist 35″ and Hips 45″ on December 9th

November 5th: Waist 35″ and Hips 45″
October 28th: Waist 35″ and Hips 45″

October 21st: Waist 35″ and Hips 46″
October 14th: Waist 35″ and Hips 46″
October 7th: Waist 36″ and Hips 46″
September 30th: Waist 36″ and Hips 47″

Total Inch Lost: 3″

Work Out on XBOX 360 at least 3 time 
Drink 8 Glasses a Day

Don’t forget to check in on Kaitlin and Tanya, who too are Battling the Baby Bulge!!!


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  1. Water and no fast food are great goals! I lost almost forty pounds last year and mini meals sped my metabolism up leaps and bounds. I also limited my sugar, starch and fat but still had some of all of those yummy things. Just an example if I ate a sandwich I had it open faced and choose either mayo or cheese since they are both a fat. Anyhow best of luck to you!

  2. how’d you do over christmas?

  3. Over the Christmas Holidays I think I have done pretty good. However getting on the scale this morning so that will be the final verdict. Sometimes what my mind thinks and what the scale shows are two completely different things, check in tomorrow and SEEEEEE.


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