Battle Baby Bulge: Week 2 & Week 1 Review

So it’s our first weeks Review of Battle Baby Bulge and here’s to hoping that all the late night chocolate chip granola bars I snacked on didn’t put me in the red. Common tell me what is a quicker snack at midnight, 3am and 6am when I am pumping. Please, please tell me!

So now to change the subject so that you don’t give me crap for almost eating a box of 40 granola bars this week… Look Look Look over here, a deer…. on no I mean a funny comparison between Child Birth and Weight Loss! You’re going to just love this:

  • Lots of screaming, crying and cussing along the way.
  • It’s a process that feels like is never going to end.
  • There’s a voice telling you “Push! Push!”
  • Doctors think they have all the answers, but people have been doing it without them for centuries.
  • You’ll soon have a bunch of clothes that are too big for you.
  • There are a million books on the subject.
  • It was more fun to get in the situation you’re in than to get out of it.
  • Spouse thinks they know what you’re going through but they don’t.
  • It helps if you’ve got someone there to lend you support.
  • Drugs are optional.
  • If you’re healthy, there’s no reason you can’t do it.
  • There’s quite a bit of labor involved.
  • It’s probably the most important thing you’ll ever do.
  • It’s hard to explain to your kids.
  • It’s a real pain in the bottom.
  • If all goes well, a brand new life emerges.

If you love these and think your life could use a little humor in it, you must follow Jack Sh*t Getting Fit’s Blog. He is beyond funny and keeps me giggling even at my 3am pump. Now that’s impressive considering I am not a morning person. Here check Jack Sh*t out for yourself here.


GOAL | walk 5km in 1 week

September 30th to October 6th: Walked 5.58km taking me 1 hour and 18 minutes

Friday, September 30th: Walked/Ran 1.90km taking me 23 minutes and 5 seconds
Sunday, October 2nd: Walked 1.0km taking me 15 minutes and 22 seconds
Wednesday, October 5th: Walked 1.34km taking me 20 minutes and 10 seconds
Thursday, October 6th: Walked 1.34km taking me 19 minutes and 15 seconds

WEIGHT | 197.4lbs on September 30th
October 7th: 196.2lbs
Weight Loss = 1.2lbs

MEASUREMENTS | Waist 36″ and Hips 47″ on September 30th

October 7th: Waist 36″ and Hips 46″

Inches Lost: 1.0″

Weight Loss and Inches Lost – I’d say I am going in the right direction. Happy with the direction we are taking however I am not going to lie I was hoping for a 1st week weigh-in like The Biggest Losers first week weigh in’s. I’m guessing that isn’t going to happen until I find Bob Harper on my door step. Until then, 1.2lbs and 1.0″ lose is fantastic, at this rate I’ll be at my goal in  less than 40 weeks. 

Kait and I made our next goals for this week and we decided to keep the 5km walking/running deal however adding 2 more. Go BIG or go HOME right? We will add drinking at least 8 Glasses of Water a day and make and post about 1 Vegetarian Meal made this upcoming week. So onto the next week we go, here’s to hoping another lose will be in line for next week. 



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  1. You’re off to a great start. I like the focus you’re placing on fitness and walking/running goals, rather than on just a number on the scale. Good work Mama!

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