Battle Baby Bulge: Week 5 & Week 4 in Review


WALKING GOAL | Walk 10km

 Walked 10.80km taking me 3 hours and 16 minutes

October 22nd: Walked 1.93km taking me 38 minutes

October 24th: Walked 2.04km taking me 28 minutes
October 25th: Walked 3.30km taking me 1 hour

October 27th: Walked 3.53km taking me 1 hour 10 minutes

FOOD & WATER GOAL | Drink 8 Glasses of H20 a day

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t drink 8 glasses of  water a day, but I drink 8 glasses of liquid in the day. I will do better this week – I PROMISE! I shall buy a jug an fill it each and every morning and make sure its empty by day’s end!!!

WEIGHT | 194.4lbs on October 28th
October 21st: 194.2lbs
October 14th: 195.2lbs
October 7th: 196.2lbs
September 30th: 197.4lbs
Weight Loss = +0.2lbs 

{boooo!!! This just prooves I must vow off fast food entirely. I should know better.}

MEASUREMENTS | Waist 35″ and Hips 45″ on October 28th

October 21st: Waist 35″ and Hips 46″
October 14th: Waist 35″ and Hips 46″
October 7th: Waist 36″ and Hips 46″
September 30th: Waist 36″ and Hips 47″

Inch Lost:1.0″

Walk 10km 
Drink 8 Glasses a Day

Some exciting news that I want to add is that I joined a Zumba Class. I did enough research for local studio’s and found one that I am very fond of. The instructor and owner is beyond fabulous, super personable, priced fairly, and absolutely stunning. She has done a brilliant job getting her body in perfect shape after 3 children and to me that shows determination and strength beyond words. To me this is someone I can respect and trust and therefore I trust in her to Shimmy and Shake my ass back into shape, getting this baby belly of mine to be none existent. My first class won’t be until November 4th – but stay tuned for my thoughts of the whole Zumba Fever! 

Don’t forget to check in on Kaitlin and Tanya, who too are Battling the Baby Bulge!!!


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  1. Your going to love Zumba! Its a great break and feels like you went out with girlfriends!

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