Battle Baby Bulge: Week 6 & Week 5 in Review


WALKING GOAL | Walk 10km

 Walked 6.18km taking me 3 hours and 10 minutes

October 30th: Walked 0.41km taking me 15 minutes

November 1st: Walked 3.57km taking me 2 hours 20 minutes
November 3rd: Walked 2.20km taking me 34 minutes

FOOD & WATER GOAL | Drink 8 Glasses of H20 a day

I think I did pretty good. I am not going to lie I didn’t actually measure out 8 glasses a day but I sure did pound back a lot of it. I would think I at least hit 6 Glasses a day. Better than last week, we are making progress my friends… making some serious progress!

WEIGHT | 193.4lbs on November 5th

October 28th: 194.4lbs
October 21st: 194.2lbs
October 14th: 195.2lbs
October 7th: 196.2lbs
September 30th: 197.4lbs
Weight Loss = 1.0lbs 

MEASUREMENTS | Waist 35″ and Hips 45″ on November 5th

October 28th: Waist 35″ and Hips 45″
October 21st: Waist 35″ and Hips 46″
October 14th: Waist 35″ and Hips 46″
October 7th: Waist 36″ and Hips 46″
September 30th: Waist 36″ and Hips 47″

Inch Lost: 0″


Walk 10km 
Drink 8 Glasses a Day

Research and look at buying either a Wii or xbox 360 – So I can Zumba at home with my 11lb weight strapped to me since she won’t let me leave the house. Anyone want to weight in on the subject? Which should I get?

Don’t forget to check in on Kaitlin and Tanya, who too are Battling the Baby Bulge!!!


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  1. How did your search for a huge water bottle go?
    Mine is from tupperware (i think its actually a mini juice jug…haha) I love it.

    So, because I HATE being cold, I’ve dropped walking from my goals, as there is no chance in hell I’ll be going out in -20. Instead I’m going to alternate between doing the wii and doing pilates.

    Good luck this week!

  2. I like my Wii but I’ve never used Xbox 360 and I’m not sure how the Zumba game works

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