Battle Baby Bulge

Over the Holiday’s  I watched what I ate, still enjoying everything it had to offer me… from the Fluffy Mashed Potatoes to the Creamy Gravy all the way to the Cheesecake and Cookies…. but I enjoyed them in smaller portions. I thought “I won’t deprive myself”, but I will jump in, in less of a “miss piggy” sorta way. I believe it could have been way worst than what it was {1.8lb gain in 3 weeks}, however I will take it with a and “grain of salt” and know that I MUST do better in 2012…. MUST. MUST. MUST. 

I have no games yet for the xbox and therefore the only work out I got with the box was from flicking through netflix. BOOOOO. 

WEIGHT | 195.6lbs on December 30th

December 9th: 193.8lbs
November 5th: 193.4lbs
October 28th: 194.4lbs

October 21st: 194.2lbs
October 14th: 195.2lbs
October 7th: 196.2lbs
September 30th: 197.4lbs
Total Weight Loss = 1.8lbs 

MEASUREMENTS | Waist 35″ and Hips 46″ on December 30th

December 9th: Waist 35″ and Hips 45″
November 5th: Waist 35″ and Hips 45″
October 28th: Waist 35″ and Hips 45″

October 21st: Waist 35″ and Hips 46″
October 14th: Waist 35″ and Hips 46″
October 7th: Waist 36″ and Hips 46″
September 30th: Waist 36″ and Hips 47″

Total Inch Lost: 2″

Smarten Up. 
Get xbox Games for working out
Smarten Up.
Drink water like a Fish
Smarten Up. 
No lunches from McPukes
Make New Years Resolutions
…. Smarten Up.

Don’t forget to check in on Kaitlin and Tanya, who too are Battling the Baby Bulge!!!


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  1. Check out this site for game reviews.
    He does a Wii version and I’ve decided to buy certain games based on his recommendation. I think he’s played like 99.9% of the fitness games out there. Hope this helps.

  2. i love that you make lists on your blog and that ‘new years resolution’ is on your list! hope you have a happy new year!

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