Beating the Winter Blues


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The Winter Blues are totally a thing. I’ve had them!

The days get dark quickly, the temperature drops drastically and my needs of 2 cups of caffeine to survive the day goes to 4. For me, beating the Winter Blues can be something as simple as watching an episode of Friends on Netflix or having a girlfriend over for tea (gotta get those 4 cups in). These small adjustments to my day make a big difference in my mood.

I find that the Christmas Holidays are so busy (in a good way) you have very little time to feel much of anything let alone the Winter Blues. Then comes the New Year, goals are made, resolutions are written (except for me) and party plans are formed. Again not much time to feel a huge swing of emotions. But a week into January when all the dust has settled it’s really quite easy to feel… BLAH. Is there really any better way to put it? The Winter Blues are just BLAH.

I’ve put together a little list of 5 things to beat the Winter Blues. I hope they can help you!

Fresh flowers are added to our shopping list each week. It’s not something that gets discussed, it’s just there and they’re purchased whomever does the shop. The rules are simple, no roses (because those are too fancy), no dyed flowers (because those are too willy wonka) and buy lots (you can never have too many). There’s just something about fresh flowers in the home that lifts my mood. They’re placed through out the areas we spend the most time, the living room, our dining room and our kitchen. Should I have extra I have them in our main bathroom and each bedroom gets a little bunch. It’s like a little reminder that although Winter is here now, Spring is on the way and it’s oh-so glorious.  



Bundle up and get outside! Crazy idea considering some of the weather we’ve been getting here in Vancouver. But should it be safe enough to get out where you live, dress appropriately and do it, go for a walk. Not only will the fresh air do you and your soul some good but the exercise is mighty fine for kicking those Winter Blues. Exercising can drastically improve your mood as the brain releases feel-good chemicals called endorphins throughout your body. I doubt I need to explain why endorphins are your BFF, let’s just say they’re as good as your favorite Netflix series and a bucket of Ice Cream on a Friday night.


It doesn’t have to be complicated, include them in your morning routine. Here is how my morning looks; 7am wake up call by baby, get out of bed, get baby, get baby’s milk, turn on cartoons, turn on kettle, take multivitamin, make tea, sit and relax before baby realizes you’re eating a gummy bear and now she wants one too. Should I manage to dodge that last step, my morning is golden. I choose to take the One a Day Gummies Multivitamin with an Immune Booster during the Winter months (and Sofia takes the FLINTSTONES Gummies plus Immunity Support). It gives me my best chance to ward off any germs that come my way with having a little one in school (yes, they bring home more than adorable art pieces) and coping on little sleep. 


Easier said then done, this I know, but the importance for making time for yourself is probably most important for kicking those Winter Blues. It doesn’t have to be a bubble bath with tea and left-over Halloween Candy. Should that not your jam, you do you (side-note, we can’t be friends). But make sure, whatever it is that you enjoy, that you do it. Make time for it, schedule it in your day timer if you must, just make sure it happens. You can’t get far running a car on empty, can you? That is how the saying goes isn’t it?


Why stay cooped up inside alone when you can be cooped up inside with people you love. Anytime you can connect with friends and family over the Winter months, do it. I consider myself very lucky for having family so close-by. I take advantage of having them near over the Winter months especially. If I find myself with no plans and both girls at home while Sammy is at work, I will shamelessly invite myself over to my parents house for the day. Did I mention she makes the best tea, and a pot is always on?


How do you beat the Winter Blues? Sometimes it can be something so simple that can make such a big impact on your day-to-day, I’d love to hear about it. Always open to adopting more ways to keep the happy!



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Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Bayer. To make sure these products are right for you, always read and follow the label.


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  1. These are all great tips. I get hit with this every time the time changes. I do a lot of these. Exercise really helps me a lot. I never thought about taking a vitamin to help!

  2. Katherine Petrunia says:

    Loved these tips, you covered some important areas. This time of year is so tough for so many and I def have to keep myself in check.

    • It’s so very true this time of year can be a struggle! Maybe we need to all go someplace hot? What do you think? Hawaii here we ALL come!

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