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It wasn’t until my mini obsession with lipstick ran rampid and turned into a true beauty infatuation. I must admit, I have O.L.D, obsessive lipstick disorder. I find that I always have some sort of color to my lips; let it be a tinted gloss, a matte colored lipcream or a glossy lipstick. My lips, it’s like they whimper for color. With this amount of lip puckering going on I have realized my lips could use some exfoliating. With most glossy lipsticks you can get away with it, but when it comes to a matte finish it shows every nook and cranny {yeah — that’s right! I can use those two words together, I’m a mom, I have rights to them!}. I hunted high and low for some easy and affordable ways to exfoliate my lips and I found two brilliant DIY’s that I bet you already have the indigence for.

Sugar Lip Scrub

1tsp Honey
1tsp Olive Oil {evoo works too}
1tsp Brown Sugar
1tsp White Sugar

DIRECTIONS: mix everything together until it forms a paste, rub with the tips of your fingers, in a circular motion, on both the top and bottom lip for 30 seconds. Rinse and Moisturize with a chapstick. Smooth like a babies… okay you get the picture!

TIPS: When you’re making any sort of beauty products at home, I highly recommend finding the best of the best as far as ingredients go. Just as important as it is that you consume good-for-you food, it’s as important that you use it on your skin too. Tons of great affordable options in raw and organic Honey, Oils, and Sugars on Amazon,  be sure to check them out.

Hey you! Are you a coffee lover? Check out how the second recipe we tried turned out. My BFF, over at Oh So Lindsay is telling you how her beauty concoction turned out. You don’t wanna miss out on her puckering pictures, right Lindsay?!?


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  1. will have to try this out!

  2. is it must we use coffee ground? can we use coffee beans/

    • Anie it would need to be ground as you would require a consistency of a ground to do a proper exfoliation. The bean would just be too big.



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