BEAUTY: figuring it out at 32


Sun spots and signs of wrinkles have been making an appearance in my life, and it’s actually sorta’ funny. It only took me 32 years to realize I didn’t carry the same genes as Cindy Crawford. At 32 I finally realized that the age defying super power I once thought I held, doesn’t belong to me . Now starts the game of graceful aging; wanna play?

In the blogging world I can create opportunities to try nearly anything. But when it comes to my skincare I’m extremely selective in who I approach and what offers I accept. I’m not one to put it all on the black jack table, and that goes the same for my skincare routine; I don’t make bold moves or take risky chances. Before anything touches my skin I do my research, not only on the product but the company behind it. When I’m completely comfortable and confident in these two things, I will try it. Sometimes it fails, fails miserably, but then sometimes it’s magic; and it those findings that bring me to do what I do. Sharing my experience to help you with your own.

The opportunity came knocking on my door, “Hello! It’s me AVEENO, you know me, AVEENO Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15?”. Yup, just like that she came knocking on my virtual door asking to please come in. I already knew of  the company for obvious reason (watching live TV doesn’t give the luxury of fast forwarding commercials) but I knew I trusted in the company from past personal experiences. You see we used AVEENO for the first few years of Sofia’s life, their infant body and hair wash, as well as their night time body cream. Sofia loved them, we loved them, but most importantly we cherished the connection it gave us each night with Sofia Marie. So of course with the good-happy feelings we have towards AVEENO, I opened the door and invited them in for a virtual cup of tea. They asked if I would like to try out two of their products in turn sharing my honest thoughts with my readers; I graciously accepted, because of course.

So here you have it, my thoughts on the AVEENO Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF 15 and the AVEENO Positively Radiant CC Eye Cream (in fair to light).

IMG_2640I tried the moisturizer out the moment it arrived, I knew I hadn’t planned on going out later in the day, so off my make-up came. I opened up the box and revealed this quaint little bottle of moisturizer and pumped it just once. You can never tell with these things how they will cover, and knowing that the bottles value was in and around $25, I was hoping a little went a long way. Thankfully I was right, one pump was enough to cover my freshly washed face, neck and even fanning out onto my collarbone and chest. It felt thick but not pore-clogging, more luxurious than anything. I liked it, but was cautious, the determining factor for true love would be a few days of use without breaking out.

VERDICT: We’re on day 9 and no breakouts, the love is real and has officially replaced our current moisturizer. 

IMG_2642The next morning I tried the eye cream, putting it on before my foundation and I found it gave natural coverage. What I strive for is complete coverage but what it gave was soft more subtle coverage. I feel it would be a great everyday eye cream, but if I were going out for say date night, or more realistically a late night coffee date with a girlfriend, I would probably use something with more of a full coverage. Having said that it felt much lighter than any other concealer I have used and I would assume much better for my pores.


VERDICT: I have been using the eye cream most days, other than the days I go make-up free and I actually really appreciate the softness of it. Doesn’t feel lathered or caked on, currently my go-to eye cream for everyday life. 

HAVE YOU tried any of their products, and if so what were your thoughts?


Disclosure:: This post was sponsored by AVEENO but the opinions are completely my own, based on my experience.


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