BEAUTY: Flawless Foundation (PART ONE)



Pretty certain there’s no better place to start the BEAUTY BUST! series, than with our foundation. It’s where we all start when it comes to our morning makeup routines, am I right? And to those out there that skip the foundation step, I bow down to you!

I asked the BEAUTY BUST! girls all about foundation in the first of our four part series, hoping to get it off to a solid start; today I’m sharing with you their tips, tricks, and suggestion for applying flawless foundation at home.

Have you ever wondered if spending the money on a good sponge or brush was worth it, or are your god-given hands just fine for the job? Your answers now on today’s BEAUTY BUST!  breakdown:


I don’t mean to make things more complicated than they need to be but honestly, I believe the key to a perfect foundation application depends on how much coverage you’re needing and what type of product is being used. If you’re only needing to cover a little redness or discoloration warming a tinted moisturizer in your hands and patting/gently rubbing it in to the skin can really do the trick. If you’re needing a more full coverage application, then I like to recommend using a Beauty Blender {sponge} with your favorite liquid foundation and pressing it in to the areas needing the most help and then blending it out to the other areas of the face. // visit jayna marie


At home I use my fingers because I’m lazy, but on my clients I love to use my Precision Beauty Stippling Brush to buff in foundation for a flawless look. // visit jen


SPONGE! I start off applying the majority of my foundation on with a brush because it won’t soak it all up like a sponge would, but I stipple with a sponge all over to give me that ‘natural’ look. // visit l’nielle


I prefer to use my fingers to apply my foundation. You can always get the blending perfect and do not lose the extra makeup in the sponge or get a streaky affect from the hairs on the foundation brush. Also, I feel it saves on how much product you are using because you can just squirt a little onto your fingers and apply directly to your face. Leaving you with a beautiful coverage. For Blemishes, just dab a bit more on the problematic spot and Viola! // visit ladee jadee


Next the BEAUTY BUST! girl share their favorite affordable foundations; you can’t afford to miss this!


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  1. I was so relieved to find this post in my inbox today. Only yesterday I was struggling (as usual) with my makeup and I realized that my foundation was probably the root of the problem. Can’t wait for part two. Thanks.

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