BEAUTY: Foundation Perfection {Part 4}


You may have all the tips you need to find the BEST foundation {thanks to our Beauty Bust! teams previous features}, but if you don’t know how to find a shade that works best for you, then the tips are wasted ones. Am I right?  Today, to conclude our flawless foundation 4 part series, the pros’ behind Beauty Bust! Jayna, Jen, L’nielle, and Jade share with us how to find the absolute perfect shade of foundation for your skin. So without further ado, here are your pro-tips in finding your perfect shade of foundation.


When testing different shades, be sure to let them sit on your skin for a few minutes before fully committing. Once a product oxidizes, or mixes with your body pH and/or temperature, it can change colour! //visit jayna marie


Try it out first! If you can’t try on a dab (the side of your face to your neck) then don’t buy it! Try to match it yourself, it should blend in nicely or ask the makeup artist at the store to help you. //visit jen


ALWAYS match your neck colour! No one wants their head to be a different shade than their neck! Best way to test this out is to take a little foundation and swap/smudge/blend it into your skin just below the cheek and above the jawline. If it blends away to a colour similar to your neck in 3 swaps, you’re good! //visit l’nielle


Finding the perfect shade can be a daunting task if you do not know the undertone of your skin color. Also, many companies just simply do not make your color not matter how many you try. Make sure if you have a yellow undertone do not use something with a pink undertone. This can make you look cakey or give you the dreaded chin line and not blend properly. My tip is always using the inside of your wrist to match, and its okay to go a bit lighter. You can always contour your face, neck and decollate with bronzer to match the rest of your tan. This will leave you lighter under the eyes and in places you want to appear lighter so it’s a win win. Going to dark can be disastrous and no one wants to look like they just made out with an umpa lumpa. If all else fails just ask! I am sure someone in the cosmetics dept will be glad to help you. //visit ladee jadee



That concludes our 4 part series for flawless foundation with the pros’ of BEAUTY BUST!
If you missed any of it, here they are again; part 1 is how to best apply your foundation, part 2 is the best affordable foundations, and part 3 is to use primer or not. DON’T WORRY we have another set of beauty questions answered from the pros’ at BEAUTY BUST! coming at you starting next month!


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