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We’re back! November was a crazy month for me and although the ladies from the BEAUTY BUST! Team were more than ready, I wasn’t. So now that we’re back, naturally it makes sense to come with a BANG! I asked and once again these ladies delivered; I wanted to know the best mascaras that make the biggest impact. I’m talkin’ falsies without all the fuss, and by fuss I mean glue {damn it! if it takes me 45 minutes to put on lashes; ain’t nobody got time for that!}. So without further ado, here are the best mascara’s for the biggest impact:


I’m not too attached to any one brand of mascara because I’m pretty in love with strip and individual false lashes, however, some of my favorites are Dior Show, L’oreal Voluminous and Buxom Lash mascara. I’m all about adding volume and length- why chose just one!? Haha! Here’s an added tip: when applying mascara, start right at the root of your lash and roll the wand in your hand as you’re moving up the hair follicles- it helps deposit more product AND curls the lashes at the same time! //visit jayna marie


Ahhhh! There are so many out there to choose from! Do you go with a fiber one, a big juicy brush, or do what I do, and use three different ones?!?!? If I’m being forced to choose just one, which I think I am… I’ll say Bad Gal Lash by Benefit. //visit jen


My favorite mascara to use without a doubt is Kiss Me Heroine Make waterproof mascara. It’s the only mascara I find that doesn’t smudge, is ACTUALLY waterproof and holds a curl. //visit l’nielle


My all time go to mascara has always been by Lancôme. I don’t have the longest lashes but it gives me the biggest vavavoom I can achieve without falsies. Give the Hypnose drama a go and I promise no matter how long your lashes are they will look amazing! Don’t forget to not over pump your mascara tube as letting the air in can dry your mascara out faster. //visit ladee jadee



Next week the BEAUTY BUST! Team is back sharing their favorite lipsticks for winter; your lips will not wanna miss this one!


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