The Best of Our California Vacation

I wanted to make sure I got something out to you all RIGHT AWAY (because who likes waiting?). I went through the 1,089 pictures (not at all overboard) and chose 30 fun shots taken from the 10 days away that should give you a good idea of how the trip went overall. We visited Disneyland, we tackled California Adventure, we outlet shopped, made our way to Santa Monica Pier, had a few pool days and even a down day (or two). I think we made the most of the California sun and are looking forward to the day that we can return. 

I’ve made a few notes on the images that I think may bring up some questions from you all however if I have missed anything, please don;t hesitate to ask. I will follow up with a few more posts on our time  in California but this will be the main post of our trip so please ASK AWAY! Leave comments here or head over to the Facebook post and shoot out your questions, I will wrap up my day with a piping hot cup of tea and replying to your comments (that’s a promise). 

{we chose to rent a home vs. a hotel for this stay; see details here}

{quite possibly the favorite ride of both park, the proof is here}

{we got to come back to this each night, total dream boat, California is our home away from home}

{the best thing we did this trip was rent our baby gear vs. lugging it through the airports. rented 2 double strollers and 4 car seats, certainly this saved us all a ton of added stress while traveling with 4 kids; check out Traveling Baby here}

{this made for the cutest most awkward walk through a busy Disneyland

{Santa Monica Pier, one of the many highlights was the playground on the beach; check out the vlog here}

{cute baby by me, amazing pants by Yoga Jeans. You gotta check out how I packed only 3 pairs of pants for 10-days}

{because who has an outdoor fireplace and doesn’t take full advantage with a few pans of Jiffy Pop?}

{nana…look! over here! these two had 10-days together, day and night, sleeping on bunk beds, no doubt this will go down as a trip to remember for them both}

{the only way to do an amusement park with kids; check out Piggyback Rider here}



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