Best Nursing Bra IN ALL THE LAND

BEST NURSING BRA is a pretty bold statement, am I right?
It maybe bold, but it’s also very much the truth!  

I bet you’re wondering how in the world I can make such claim, I mean who am I, what are my credentials and have I been awarded any sorta’ certificates that would make me a reputable source? How about having to wear one for 5 MONTHS STRAIGHT! I’m sorta’ thinking this gives me some type of qualifications that allow me to make such profound claims?! DAMN IT! I’m a Nursing Bra connoisseur!

You guys! It’s very much true! I’ve been wearing a Nursing Bra since getting home from the hospital with Stella Grace. I bet you’re thinking WHAT? WHY! and YOU POOR SOUL! Think all these things people because I totally agree it sounds crazy. But those of you who nursed or are nursing know that it’s just a way of life; leakage happens and they get heavy, a bra is just the most comfortable option out there to keep us from an embarrassing mishap. 

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I’ve hunted high and low, I’ve tried my fair share of styles, brands and DIY’s (don’t ask!) and today I’m here to tell you I’ve found the answer to the Best Nursing Bra on the market. It’s Bravado’s Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra.  I currently own 4 and they’re on a strict rotation and laundry cycle in our home. Some weeks I end up in a white tee with my only option for bra as being black or teal, but I make it work, I don’t like to look at it as a laundry fail, but adding a little spice to my life (because we all need that now and again).

WHY IS IT the best Nursing Bra ever? Well, let me tell you, there is not one thing that makes it the best but collectively between the designs, functionality and fabric is what makes it… Nursing Bra PERFECTION! From the easy to use, one-handed nursing clips, to the 4-way stretch fabric that is just heavenly, the wire-free design that still provides ample support (this I can vouch for) and best of all THE COLORS. I own the bra in black and nude (because I’m an adult), and two gorgeous additional shades, garnet and sea glass (because Winter and Spring).

This Nursing Bras is really the only thing a nursing mother needs in her wardrobe… END OF STORY! 

Disclosure:: Thank you to Bravado Designs for introducing me to the Body Silk Nursing Bra, and even though they did send one for review purposes, so did many other companies, but none that I loved as much as theirs. Bravado Designs had my heart. As always all opinions on the blog are my own.


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