BEST OF NETFLIX; First Trimester, The Struggle Is Real


We all know the first trimester in a pregnancy can sometimes be the hardest. From the lack-of-energy, the all-day-sickness and the desire to eat nothing but know you must eat all the healthy things. This is why for the first trimester we pretty much stayed indoors and vegged out. Loads of crafts, backyard playing and movies… ALL THE NETFLIX SHOWS AND MOVIES!

I loved that most of these days I had company, the family was very much into hanging out with me couch-side. Pajamas all day was something that became less of a treat and more of a normalcy in the house for the past few months. I embraced seeing the UPS driver au-natural on many occasions, in my pajamas sans-makeup with a Marge Simpson inspired (and slept in) top knot. He on the other-hand probably went home and praised his wife over and over for her willingness to get ready each day and get out of the house.

As much as I loved playing the voice for Frost-T Fridge and Taco Terry from the Shopkins, at times I needed a break. This is when Netflix swooped in and saved the day. Sofia and I found some new favorite shows that are both child and adult approved, which is never easy. This means I’m totally okay with Sofia watching it, it’s educational in someway and by the end of it my ears are not bleeding. That’s what I’m talking about, a win win for everyone. 

video-BFF-book-intro-video-704pxLego Friends; A great show with a moral to each episode that deals with real life and characters who are in their teens but talk normal (I hate to point fingers, but Barbie this fingers pointing at you). They go on adventures which always steer clear of the mall or cool-kid hang outs, think more camping in the woods, helping a friend at a veterinary clinic or throwing a surprise party for a good friend. Sofia enjoys the show, the characters, the fun and real story lines and I actually don’t mind watching it either.


CBeebies-Sarah-DuckSarah & Duck; Is there anything better than a girl befriending a duck and becoming the best of friends? Didn’t think so, and this is why Sofia and I love Sarah and Duck so much. The simple drawings are what get and keep me watching, Sofia on the other hand loves the silly things the unlikely duo get up to. From soaring above the clouds in a knitted hot air balloon thanks to her neighbor, the scarf lady, to funny story lines like trying to find out why Donkey, the Scarf Lady’s pet is always so sad. Nothing a trip to the library and finding a book all about Donkeys couldn’t fix. Great series, and since we’ve completed all 13 episodes of Season 1 I’m hoping a 2nd season is in full swing.

RYhOfMasha & The Bear; This one here is simply for comedy value. I wouldn’t say their a a terrible amount of lessons learnt on this, but it is comical and it will keep you and your little engaged for as long as you need (hello afternoon cat-nap). Masha is quite the mischievous little girl, borderline crazy, but it is quite the show to watch. Each episode is wildly different but it’s always about Masha getting herself into dangerous situations while Bear is there to always save her, as crazy as she makes him. A silly watch for a kid who loves to giggle, but NOT replicate what they see on TV.   



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